The Festivities Are in Full Bloom in the Harlequin Carnival Slot!

We love a good carnival but then again, who doesn’t? We hope you have had your new Venetian masks delivered and ready to go because it is time to hit the reels and get into the festive spirit of Nolimit City’s latest release, the stunning Harlequin Carnival slot. With a backdrop so captivating you forget you are staring at a screen, the stage is set for a great time.

A carnival wouldn’t be the same without the glitz, glamour and overall festive atmosphere. In this particular carnival you can look forward to Walking xNudge Wilds, re-spins and bonuses that will have you planning an actual trip to Venice, Italy.

Dressed for Success

Golden Aces and a variety of beautiful Venetian masks have invited you to their dance performance on the 5 reel setup and it is a good one. You can tell that the goal of the designers was to turn things up a notch and really give the game a more glamorous look than most games and although the setting would make for a perfect wedding venue, we are all here trying to make a buck so keep your mask on and let’s do just that.


Do You Feel the Nudge?

Harlequins can be a little tricky as they always bring their anything goes attitude. This is perfect for you as a player because this one oozes with generosity and confidence. During your spins, you will see a harlequin wild symbol that is 3 rows tall. You may sometimes only land parts of it but it will always nudge to become fully visible.

With each nudge, the wild multiplier will increase by 1 and if you are really good at spinning, you can land several of them which means they will add up for huge wins!


One Small Step for Man

Besides the added multipliers above, landing the harlequin symbol will also activate the Re-spins. During the re-spins, all of the wilds will walk to the left, one step at a time until they reach the first reel. The more of them you have walking like an Egyptian, the bigger wins you can look forward to!

Harlequin Bonus Spins

To dip your toes in the Harlequin Bonus spin pool, you will have to seduce 3 of the bonus symbols, which will give you 8 spins. This is where the real fun begins. With a guaranteed xNudge Wild and a x3 multiplier, you are off to a great start. The Harlequin will slowly make its way across the reels and hopefully collect some massive wins on the way.

If you don’t feel like waiting to get the stuff you need for the bonus round, Nolimit City has a solution where you can actually just buy your way in. How sweet of them!


Enjoy It to the Fullest

While you enjoy the carnival to the fullest, don’t forget about Slot Wars and the €5,000 pot being handed out each and every week. Get into the top 40 and get your fair share!