Gold Money Frog Slot Is Worth Its Weight in Gold – Spin and Win!

Frogs are fun animals and if they were made of gold and worth a ton of money, they would be immensely popular. However, it is probably better the way it is at the moment as the frogs are much better off not being hunted and at risk of extinction. The Gold Money Frog slot is more than enough and you can make a lot of money without any of the frogs getting harmed during the process. Let’s take a look and find out what kind of payouts are available in this NetEnt slot. Fingers crossed they live up to the gold standard they have set with the chosen title.

Step Into Its Natural Habitat

Everyone knows that the natural habitat for the Gold Money Frog is in an area containing 5 reels and 25 paylines. It’s just nature’s way of providing all that this specific species needs. The golden frog is of course the center of attention on the reels, although he does share them with a golden owl and a few other symbols, like a bridge, a Chinese lantern and a bonus wheel.


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Spin the Wheel for the Jackpot

The Bonus Wheel adds some real excitement to this game and in order to spin it you need to land 3 or more consecutive bonus symbols. This will trigger the wheel and you will notice there are 3 progressive jackpots at stake. Spin the wheel and you can win either of the jackpots or 100 coins.

The Super Jackpot starts and €5,000 but can grow at least 7 times before somebody shows up and snatches it. This person might as well be you, don’t you agree?


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Multiplying Free Spins

Frogs love free spins as much as the next person so it’s only to be expected to find them in this slot. You will need 3 to 5 of the Chinese lanterns in order to enjoy 30 of the free spins. As a nice little extra, all of the wins during this round will have a 3x multiplier. The wild is also hanging around during your free spins and if you manage to land 5 of them you can stuff your pockets with a nice 300x multiplier!

Charming Little Frog

The Golden Frog may not be the biggest fly catcher but he can sure attract some solid wins. It’s a fun lighthearted slot with a nice soothing soundtrack to back up the pleasant experience. Go for a spin and try to resist the charming little golden frog!