Electrifying Single-Reel Action in 5000 x Rush Slot

The first ever slot game was the three-reel, one-row Liberty Bell mechanical casino game created in 1894. Casino games have certainly progressed some since then. They’ve gone online, gained significantly more complexity, and now give players a shot at some very large winnings. As with all things, though, we sometimes crave a taste of nostalgia, a sample of simpler times. This is where the 5000 x Rush slot comes in.

Released by Platipus this week, 5000 x Rush slot features an extremely simple one-row format across a single reel. It’s about as simple as you can make a slot game.

Good simply fun

5000 x Rush slot has a single real and a bet size selector. That’s the whole game. Well, those two elements and a pretty great animated space-themed background. My point is that it’s really straightforward. Once you have selected the amount you wish to bet, you click the spin button and get to find out how much your bet amount will be multiplied.


Play Now

There are 14 different multiplier values ranging from 0 to 5,000x your bet. Seven of the multipliers have values of ten or less, and the top three are 1,000x, 2,500x, and 5,000.

If you’re keen on making playing 5000 x Rush slot even easier, you can turn on the autoplay and turbo feature to have the slot do the spinning itself at warp speed.

Is 5000 x Rush slot beauty in simplicity?

With a maximum bet amount of $70 a spin, you have a shot at winning up to $350,000 when playing 5000 x Rush slot. Betting on the slot starts at $0.20, which will give you a shot at winning up to $1,000 thanks to the slot’s 5,000x maximum multiplier. The slot features low to medium volatility and offers an RTP of 96%.

There’s not a lot to 5000 x Rush slot. It’s about as simple as a slot can get while still being a slot. This means that it will be great for short casual gaming sessions here and there. However, it’s not likely to retain your attention for any extended period of time. That being said, it’s beautifully executed with fantastic graphics and animations and a slick user experience. I give 5000 x Rush slot an eight out of ten.

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