The Symbols of Egypt Slot Is Calling on You to Solve the Puzzle

Under one of the pyramids, hidden in a pharaoh’s tomb, PG Soft recently stumbled upon a secret passage to another ancient treasure. A place where hieroglyphs are carved into the wall and by finding the right combination, they will light up and reveal a chamber full of gold.

If you are on the hunt for fame and fortune, the road is leading you down the path of the Symbols of Egypt slot. The word on the street is that there is a €58,320 max win hiding in there and that it is just the beginning.

Will you be the one, breaking it all down and solving the puzzle needed to get access to the treasure? Do you believe bravery shall be rewarded? If your answer to both is yes, let’s go!

Decipher the Secret Codes

The stage is set with 3 reels and 9 paylines, with the special vibe only ancient Egypt games can provide. These reels may not look like much but that’s because most of the focus is centered around what sits above them.


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Until now, the treasure has been protected by secret codes but a medium volatility will make things easier for you to decipher them one by one. You will also have a 95.71% RTP, together with a 1.080x multiplier and the €58,320 max win helping you along the way.

North of the Reels Is Where It Is All Happening

The secret to success sits above the reels and there you will find 4 bonus lines, containing the carved symbols. These are the same symbols as you will find on the reels, making things even more interesting.

When any of them are part of a winning combination, it will ignite and activate the same symbol above the reels.

How to Activate the Bonus Multiplier

It is easy to follow which symbols are active and which are still missing. When you have managed to activate all 4 needed to fill one of the bonus lines, you will activate the Bonus Multiplier feature.

The center of the bonus line will then start to spin and reveal a random multiplier. The values are anywhere between 2x up to 30x and your given multiplier will then be added onto your win. Boom!

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At times you might even have more than one bonus line completed. This simply means that you will be given a multiplier for each of the bonus lines, which will then be combined and added onto your win.

We know you would love nothing more than for the activated symbols to stay that way. However, after the payout, the symbols will be deactivated and replaced with new random symbols. Spin the reels and light those puppies back up in order to get to another multiplier.

Adds Excitement to Each Spin

PG Soft has found another great way of showing us a different look on how a slot can work and it is fun. Knowing exactly what symbol you need to ignite the multiplier makes each spin more exciting.

Step into the secret chamber, solve the puzzle and get paid!