Valletta Megaways equals mega prizes and mega fun!

History lessons used to be traumatic. Our teacher, who shall remain nameless, was renowned for wearing skirts which she would hoist up. She liked to put one foot on the seat of a bench, Captain Morgan style.

Now that might sound like sexy time, but when your educator looks like a crazed witch and you’re exposed to varicose-veined, hail-damaged thighs, even teenage hormones will fail you. And the mental scars will last a lifetime!

Luckily, today’s lesson comes from Blueprint Gaming and it’s in the form of Valletta Megaways slot.



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This is Maltaaaa!

The pre-roll to Valletta Megaways sets the scene. You’ll see cannons firing at warships in a bay and that’s because the game is named after an event that happened in the capital city of Malta.

The Knights Hospitaller constructed the buildings in the 16th century and this is why you’ll see knights on the reels, along with coats of arms, shields, swords, and maps. As the story goes, the city was attacked by the Ottoman invasion (Malta won) and was named after the hero Jean Parisot de Valette.

So that’s pretty cool, right – a slot game that’s based on historical facts. Sadly, the graphics look like they were made in the 1600s as they’re grainy and low res. Maybe that adds to the overall feel of the game but we’d have preferred if they looked more decent.


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Valletta Megaways offers Free Spins – all you have to do is land 3 or more Bonus symbols (these have a cannon on them). Three gets you 10 Free Spins; 4 gets you 12; 5 equals 15 and 6 Bonuses will see you rewarded with 20 Free Spins.

Then there’s something called a Valletta Streak. Any winning spin could get randomly triggered and if you fill the reels, you’ll get even more spins!

If waiting around just isn’t working for you, you can always buy a Bonus Bet for 100x your stake. This will then automatically set the Valletta Free Spins in motion. The Wild comes in the form of a knight and can form a winning combo on reels 2 and 6.


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Loads of ways to win with Valletta Megaways!

So what’s our verdict on Valletta Megaways? The gameplay is pretty unremarkable but there’s also not much wrong with it other than the less-than-stellar graphics.

This slot boasts 15,625 ways to win, an RTP of 96.45%, and a medium to high volatility. The max win is a hefty €100,000 and the multiplier is 10,000x. Taking these factors into account, there’s a decent chance of hitting some big wins so we say: go for it!

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