Bounce through the bonuses in Princess of Swamp slot!

Be careful of the company you keep, especially if you’re a princess in New Orleans. Your fortune could lead to gastly curses being cast against you – this is voodoo town after all.

Where does a pretty peach princess go after being transformed into a lesser amphibian? To the swamp, of course. In the case of the Princess of Swamp slot the Bayou gained this once-royal member, but all is not lost for her. The curse can be broken by a kiss. Stepping up to the task could award you with up to €50,000 and a happily ever after!

This is a frog fairytale 

For this slot, Belatra has drawn inspiration from the Princess and the Frog fairytale, and it is whimsical and wonderful for sure. The one thing irking us about it, is its name. As writers with OCD, ‘Princess of Swamp’ is so grammatically incorrect that we could cringe. But with a maximum win of almost half a mil, we’re prepared to move on. Let us just arrange our spice rack into alphabetical order real quick… be right back.

And we’re back, to introduce you to the slimy swampers that call the Bayou home. There’s a Caterpillar, a Snail, a Princess of Swamp Logo, a 7, and different Bar variants. The Wild is a Croc, and the Scatter is a Frog Prince. Now let’s get this little buddy to his significant other pronto – before she lands up on the snake’s a la carte dinner menu.


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Let the lilypads guide you to great wins

Princess of Swamp slot has two bonus rounds that could have you hippity-hopping all the way to the bank, or straight into the croc’s mouth. 

Landing 3 or more Frog Prince Scatters will trigger the first bonus round, called the ‘Swamp’. You’ll need to reach the top of the screen by jumping from lily pad to lily pad. Some lilypads can remain afloat with the frog on top of it, while awarding instant wins, while some lilypads can sink and reveal the crocodile. Revealing 2 crocodiles before reaching the top, will result in a ‘game-over’ – but you’ll get to keep the wins you’ve made so far. 


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Successfully jumping across the swamp will grant you entrance into the ‘Crocodile’ bonus. You will be given 8 attempts to find the Frog Princess, by choosing between 2 parts of the swamp. One part could reveal the princess, and the other, the crocodile. 

This medium volatility slot also offers a Risk Game for those croakers brave enough to take a gamble. Should you wish to participate in a card game against a Dealer, then select the Risk Game button after any win. 


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Go from swamp-rat to riches in this slot

Princess of Swamp slot has a 92.21% RTP and will have you bouncing through bonus rounds and racing through the Bayou like an amphibian athlete. There is no shortage of playfulness in this charming game, despite it being set in a slimy swamp. This slot will show you that you can get lucky in the strangest of places.

This froggie fairytale can have a happy ending, where you turn the frog back into a princess, and walk out with princely wins. How high are you willing to jump for the massive jackpot prize?