Get Your Potions Ready – it’s Aztec Magic Deluxe


Aztec Magic Deluxe slot from BGAMING is one of BitStarz’s top played games, with its popularity stemming from the potential to scoop $45,000 for as little as $45. This 5×3 slot offers 15 adjustable pay lines while the game itself is easy to navigate and play.

Let’s Get Betting

To wager, simply adjust the size of your bet per line at the bottom right of the playing screen. You can choose between $0.01 and $3. The next step is to select how many lines you want to wager on, and you can do this with the Line Count button at the bottom left. Remember, your bet per line will be multiplied to the number of lines you select, the result of which is going to be your total bet for that spin. Here is an example:

Deluxe Game, Simple Rules

Here is a breakdown of the rules and conditions that will help you on your way to victory

  • To win, you must land at least three same symbols on a payline
  • Specific positions of the symbols are found in the game menu
  • The line must be active or must have a wager to produce a win
  • The combination must be from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel

Pulling a Victory out of the Hat

Aztec Magic offers a top win of $45,000. The paytable is expressed in multiplier values, which will be multiplied against your bet per line. If you wagered $3 per line for example and you landed three aces on a pay line you would win $3 x 8 = $24.

Taking home the jackpot involves landing five wild symbols on a $3 bet per line. Since a Wild pays three times the winning amount, you will win $3 x 5,000 x 3 = $45,000. The Scatter also pays out a large amount and does not pay by payline. As long as you land the required number of symbols in one spin, the amount will be multiplied to your total stake, not your bet per line. For example:

  • $3 per line at 15 active paylines = total stake of $45
  • You land five scatter symbols
  • You win $45 x 100 = $4,500

The Magician’s Secret

The best way to win at Aztec Magic Deluxe is to always wager on all 15 paylines, and bet the smallest coin value of $0.01 so you can extend your bankroll. At this rate you are only spending $0.15 per spin, with a chance to win $2,250 from the Wilds and $15 from the Scatters.

So if you fancy getting your hands on that $45,000 bounty, get yourself over to BitStarz and play Aztec Magic Deluxe today!

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