Join the Stampede in the Thundering Buffalo Jackpot Dash Slot

The mighty buffalo (or bison) has been said to be four times as strong as an ox and could easily kill a human. With that in mind, the smart move is to keep our distance and let them roam free across the prairie. While we are touching on the subject of kill or be killed, you can make a killing when you join the stampede on the reels of the Thundering Buffalo Jackpot Dash slot.

With Jackpots and free spins in play, you have no other option than to run wild with the herd and grab a hold of the €137,250 max win and so much more.

We already know how wild these impressive animals are. The only question is – how wild are you?

Let’s Meet the Herd

Set in a dramatic landscape, quite possibly the Grand Canyon, the 5 reels and 243 paylines will bring you a bit of a different look and setup (more on that later) but in terms of vibe, it doesn’t get better than this. Buffaloes, camp fires, teepees and dream catchers are the symbols that bring the element of the Wild West.


Play Now

You need to keep the fire going if you plan on catching the €137,250 max win and 1,380x multiplier. High 5 Games has given the game a high volatility and a 96.00% RTP so if you mix in all of this with the €75 bet limit, things are about to get wild!

Fill the Meters for a Jackpot

Above the reels you will see five colorful meters with a multiplier attached. These are the various Jackpots up for grabs and the way to get them is by filling them up.

There are a variety of symbols that will help you achieve that goal. In order to fill the meters, you need to land the matching symbol and it will make the journey to the meter. It takes 10 symbols to fill any of the meters and the Jackpots stretch from 15x all the way up to 1,500x your stake.

When one of the meters is full, boom, you have won a Jackpot! Keep in mind that as soon as one is won, all meters will reset.

Stampeding Free Spins

The gold coin bonus symbol can take you to the promised land and set you up with 10 free spins. In order to get them, you need to land 3 or more of the coins.

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Don’t expect a ton of special features during free spins but this is still the place to make some extra cash so you should definitely go for it!

One by One

It’s impossible to ignore these majestic animals, then again why would you. In the Thundering Buffalo Jackpot Dash slot, all they want is to bring you a ton of money, so let them bring the stampede of wins and the gold coins will fall into your pocket soon enough, one by one!