Head into Battle for Big Wins in The Sword and The Grail Slot!


Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword has clearly never charged head first into a battle wielding nothing more than a biro. A sword was the weapon of choice for soldiers that loved to make heads roll, and now it’s your turn to carry on that legacy and make some heads roll with a sharp sword in The Sword and The Grail Slot.

Head on a quest to uncover the grail and win colossal amounts of cash, but keep your sword sharp, danger is lurking around every corner!

Legendary Wins Up for Grabs

Only the boldest crusaders went on quests to find the holy grail, and very few actually knew its exact location. Thanks to their years of toiling, you have a chance to snap up the holy grail and become enshrined as a legendary adventurer. If you’re successful in your quest and battle, you can walk away with a huge 10,000x your original stake – now that’s a story to tell the grandkids!

Find the Grail to Unlock Its Potential

In The Sword and The Grail, it’s your mission to collect the grail. Now, the grail has a multiplier on it and it also acts as a wild. The multipliers range from 2x to 100x, meaning the grail can unlock some serious wins. Landing 5 grail symbols with the 100x multiplier will bag you a juicy 250,000 coin win, so keep an eye out for the grails.

Collecting Swords Along the Way

It’s such a shame to let the swords of your slain enemies go to waste, so why not collect them to decorate your mansion when you return from your quest. Collecting 3 swords will trigger free spins mode, allowing you to carry on collecting swords to win the ultimate prize. You have 5 free spins to collect 5 or more swords to unlock the next round. If you manage to complete round 1, all grails will become worth 5x multipliers. In round 2, you will need to make sure you’ve collected 6 swords in total to unlock 10x multiplier grails and another 5 free spins.

Next up, you need to make sure you have 11 swords to book a place in the final round with 100x multiplier wilds. If you complete the final round by having a total collection of 18 swords, you will be blessed with a truly astonishing 10,000x your original stake!

The action never ends in The Sword and The Grail, so make sure you’re always on your toes. Every time you’re battling it out for big wins, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000. Good luck grail hunter, may your quest be fruitful!

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