How to Pick the Right Mobile Casino


Finding the right mobile casino is crucial to your enjoyment and success, which means you should be looking at a number of criteria before you decide where to play. Factoring in variables such as the type of games you can play, the deposit and cashout facilities, customer service, and site security will ensure that your time spent playing at a mobile casino is a rich, rewarding one. Some mobile casinos like BitStarz will have this information on their website, but if you can’t find it then it pays to ask rather than make a potentially expensive mistake.

Game Selection

Many mobile casino sites are standard online casino sites optimized for a mobile device, with more and more having a ‘smartphone first’ mentality, meaning they have been designed first and foremost to work on smartphones. However, some mobile casinos may have older games or games from less reputable providers than are designed with computers in mind and either don’t look good on a smartphone screen or simply don’t work at all.

Mobile casinos like BitStarz allow you to sample most games for free, so it makes sense to try as many as you can out first to get a general feel for the quality of the gameplay on your phone or tablet before signing up. A reputable mobile casino will have a huge variety of contemporary slots, table games, and live games, meaning that your mobile casino play is virtually identical to playing on other devices.


Your Bonus Options

Some think that smaller screens mean smaller bonuses, but this simply isn’t true – most mobile casinos, including BitStarz, don’t differentiate their bonuses based on the device being used. All BitStarz bonuses and competitions, as well as our great welcome package, apply to smartphone players as well as non-mobile players, so there’s no reason to think that anyone is penalized for the device they use. There is no technological reason why mobile casino players shouldn’t be entitled to the same benefits and opportunities as mobile players, so any mobile casino that does should be investigated thoroughly by potential players before any deposits are made.


How to Bank on Mobile

Dealing with your finances on a mobile should be as easy as on any other medium, but this isn’t always the case. BitStarz users are lucky because the same process is used for withdrawals across all mediums, ensuring that security and speed are maintained – BitStarz mobile players experience the same 10-minute cashout time.

Customers can cash out their winnings by heading to their account, selecting ‘balance’ and then ‘cashout’ and choosing their desired method and destination, which can be either a cryptocurrency address, bank account, or Skrill account. Look out for a confirmation email/2FA code request to make sure that everything is above board – once that’s cleared your money is on its way. With BitStarz, banking on mobile is almost identical to banking on any other device, which is as it should be!


Staying Safe

Playing mobile casino games are fun, but it’s important to remember that these are real money games you’re playing, so security is just as important as it would be on any other device. The good news is that as far as the device itself goes, anti-virus software is not as essential as it is on a computer, although installing a device-specific antivirus program to run in the background offers an extra layer of protection. As far as the mobile casinos themselves, there are clues to help you separate the safe from the potentially dangerous.

Mobile casinos (and related apps) will have a user rating and potentially also a reputation grading, so a quick glance should be able to tell you whether the app will be safe to use or not. Sites that don’t use apps, like BitStarz, will be browser-based, with your browser usually able to spot any potential security issues, such as SSL certification issues, before letting you access them. If your browser throws up any security concerns, do not access the site, even if it is a reputable casino – any website in the world can get hacked, and it’s not worth the risk. Make sure that the site you are visiting has ‘https’ at the start and not just ‘http’ – the latter means that the site is not encrypted and the data can be openly read.

Try Mobile Casino Gaming Today

Mobile casino play is definitely the platform of the future, as more and more players swap the big screen for the small in their search for that mega win. The good news is that the mobile casino experience is only going to improve over time as more money and resources are put into it, and with the usual attractive features such as progressive jackpots, free spins, and multipliers all present in most reputable mobile casinos, there’s never been a better time to switch the laptop for the mobile and experience gaming on the go.

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