How to Push Past the Psychological Pitfalls in Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most iconic casino games of all times, and once you learn how to overcome the psychological aspects of it, you can become rather good. As with most games, psychology plays a huge part in your ability to win. If you can control your brain and keep calm, you have a significantly better chance of winning than if you let your emotions take control.

So, today we’re going to teach you how to overcome the psychological aspects of online blackjack, remain calm and win more hands than you lose – we promise it’s very simple!

Pay with Your Head, Not Your Heart

Before you dive into playing blackjack with your own money, make sure you understand all the rules, possible hands and how to react in a certain situation. The golden rule is accept the unexpected – never freak out. If you get dealt a 16 that you cannot split and isn’t soft, take a deep breath and think. Have a glance around at the other card and see if you can remember any of the cards that came out of the shoe in previous rounds. It’s always going to be a risk, but it’s better to hit on this type of 16 than stand. If there is a fold or surrender option, we advise using it. By playing with your head and being analytical in your decisions, you will fare much better than playing with your heart.

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Don’t Rush, But Don’t Be Too Slow

If you’re playing live online blackjack, there is a time limit on each phase of the round. You only have a certain amount of time to pick whether you want to stand, split, double down, fold, take insurance or hit. Use your time wisely and start by taking a deep breath to calm your nerves. Then, have a quick glance around to see what the situation of other players is, and most importantly, how the dealer is looking. Then, make a decision that gives you the best chance at achieving a winning outcome. If you have a 17 or higher, it’s always worth standing. By playing strategically and with a calm mind, you can make clear and informed decisions rather than making rash bets.

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Don’t Chase Your Losses!

Ok, so you’ve made a few bad calls in a row and you’re down. The last thing you want in your heart is another loss, and you will do anything to stop it happening. This eventually leads you taking more risks than normal, and in turn this creates more chances for you to mess up and lose. If you’re on a losing streak, consider taking a few minutes out to clear your head. Simply don’t place any chips and take a few minutes to walk around your desk and clear your head. Come back to the game when the tension and frustration has gone. With any luck, your losing streak will be over and you will be back in the driving seat.

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Psychology plays a huge part in online blackjack, and using breathing techniques plays a big part in overcoming these issues. So, before you dive into playing live online blackjack, read up about the rules and learn some relaxation techniques. They will serve you well in the game. A relaxed and clear mind is the enemy of the casino and your biggest asset!