Hunt Down Giant Reptilian Wins in Snake Arena Slot

In the darkness, you hear scales on stone slithering towards you. As you strain your eyes to get a glimpse of the creature, you hear the beast hissing as it hunts its prey. And just at that moment, you realize that you’re in the Snake Arena slot, and you’re the prey!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sharpest sword, dust off your shield, and fight off the hungry beast in the Snake Arena slot from Relax Gaming.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets eaten

Snake Arena slot opens with a beautifully animated cinematic introduction that tells the tale of a group of knights who capture a giant snake and are celebrating their success. In an over-celebrated state, one of the knights gets a little too close to the chained beast and is gobbled up. With the boost of energy the snake gets from eating the unfortunate soul, it manages to escape, causing panic in the castle.

So, the snake eating the knights is a good thing?

Now, you’d think that you, the player, would be hoping that the knights would slay the giant snake and save the day, right? Well, this is one of those situations where you’re supposed to root for the beast. But before the giant snake gets another chance to gobble down a tasty knight, he first has to catch one.

The Wild Chase feature is triggered on random base-game spins and involves a Scooby-Dooesque pursuit, with the prey and the pursuer popping up on alternating sides of the slot. As the snake attempts to corner its prey, it turns entire reels into flaming wilds. Eventually, the lucky knight gets away, and the wild reels complete winning combinations.


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Although the knight always wins the Wild Chase, the gargantuan reptilian antihero eventually wins the day when a round of free spins is triggered.

Unlike most slots that require three or more scatter symbols to unlock a round of free spins, in Snake Arena slot, you’ll be hunting for a full three-block giant snake symbol and a knight symbol on the same spin. Once you managed it, your free spins will be triggered, and the snake will begin his pursuit of the knight.

During free spins, an unfortunate knight always ends up as the main course. Each time the snake swallows a knight, he’ll grow by a single block. The reels will then be spun, and each of the snake’s one-block segments will act as a wild to complete winning combinations.


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Each free spin will include a knight randomly placed on the reels, which the snake will pursue and consume before growing another block and completing wins. This will continue until the snake turns into its own tail, just like in the classic Nokia Snake game.

Is Snake Arena slot tasty or toxic?

The graphics are incredibly reminiscent of Clash of Clans. One may even say that they’re a “homage” to the wildly popular mobile game. However, this lack of originality with the art does not extend to the rest of the Snake Arena slot. The slot’s gameplay and bonus features feel fresh and fun. With the addition of a €275,880 jackpot and a 96.25% RTP rating, Snake Arena slot is an incredibly compelling package.

A small wrinkle may be the slot’s volatility, though. As with any high volatility slot, you’ll be waiting longer to hit individual wins, but they’ll be big when you do. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re deciding if you should give Snake Arena slot a try.

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