Wild Chicago Slot: Welcome to the Animal Underbelly!

Reality TV isn’t really my thing – unless it involves a bunch of hot Australian farmers looking for wives. That stuff does it for me. Apart from that, who has the time for adverts?

Like, thanks, I don’t want to change my toothpaste. And I also don’t want to think about funeral cover right now – let me enjoy my life.

With that said, I gained a weird appreciation for The Masked Singer. Which is exactly where the characters of Wild Chicago slot could have come from. I’ve seen that crocodile before. Except last time he was pink. And had Nick Carter hiding inside him.

Alright, let me get serious. This game takes place in a violent criminal animal world, so we all better watch our step…

Who’s the boss depends on who you ask

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the mighty lion is indeed the king of the jungle. But not in 1920 Chicago. Back then, it was the crocodile, apparently.

BGaming’s new 10-line video slot is here, and like many of their other releases, it packs a ferocious punch when it comes to storyline, graphic brilliance, and user experience.

The features are not as hip hoppity, and happening as Elvis Frog, but you know, he’s the true king, and we can’t all be like him.


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Wild Chicago means Wild Multipliers

While the Croc and his band of beasts don’t sing in sparkling suits, they do smoke expensive cigars, drive fancy cars, and give out Wild Multipliers in the Base Game of this high volatility slot.

The big Croc Boss is the Wild Symbol here, and he multiplies wins by x2 and x3 in the Bonus Game.

So the choice is yours, are you with these mobster animals, or against them? It doesn’t really matter because slot games are so random anyway – you’ll still win or lose no matter whose side you’re on.


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You’re on the hit list for ferocious Free Spins

The Scatter Symbols you need to trigger the Bonus Game are of gold-plated safes. Man, they must be holding some serious dough.

You can get into them by hitting 3 or more Safe Symbols in a spin, which will pay you for the winning symbol combination and take you to your 15 Free Spins.

Let’s call these free spins unlimited. Because you can retrigger them again and again. I did. And it was epic!

Seriously, if you’re lucky, you can win up to €93,680. This is quite a lot less than the usual BGaming title, but hey, would you complain?


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Let’s get wild!

If you’re keen to see a mean-looking pig, a lizard trying to hold a crystal whiskey class, and a lion that’s a hybrid between a rapper and a Jay Gatsby – then you really should try this 97.1% RTP game!

Also, if you’re missing unmasking your favorite Masked Singer, this could perhaps fill that void. Either way, Wild Chicago slot is wild!