Kiss My Chainsaw Slot is Jeffrey Dahmer and Mad Max Vibes!

Does anyone else use True Crime as background noise? I find it very soothing. However, now and again, I get so disturbed that paying my geriatric psychiatrist a visit in frail care is the only thing that makes me feel better.

That experience on its own is stuff from nightmares, but he’s trigger-happy when it comes to dishing out the drugs – so it’s worth it.

Anyway, when I was stable enough to enjoy the Wisteria Lane ambiance of crime documentaries, NoLimit City threw a pretty convincing serial killer onto the slots….

And I am not thrilled about it. Still have Dahmer trauma, you know. This guy’s name is Chainsaw Larry. Ready to meet him?

You have reached the point of no return

If you choose to play Kiss My Chainsaw slot, or KMC slot, then you’ve reached the point of no
return… This guy swings power-cutting tools around like nobody’s business.

But hey, you can win up to €121,300 as a consolation prize for traveling this dark, dark (insane) road.

I had to check if charming old country guy, Chainsaw Larry, is/was a real person. His story is so believable – but maybe that’s because I spend dozens of hours a day watching murderers anyway.

He’s a product of non-fiction, but this means he’s a figment of NLC’s imagination, which is pretty whack. I love whack. And I love NoLimit City – even their horror slots (mostly).


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Bunny masks for maniacs

Yeah, this extremely volatile game is not for sissies. The creators thought of it all… down to the very blood splatter on the symbols.

Netflix may as well pull out their cheque book now – Kiss My Chainsaw slot is ready for its doccie debut. But are you ready for its many bonuses?

NLC are known for packing their slots up with a plethora of features and KMC slot is no different. Amongst them are The Ride and The Last Ride, which are spins filled with Charged Wilds, Multipliers, Guaranteed Scatters, Extra Spins and Burnouts.


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Fuel up your wins with free spins

Behold the Chainsaw Larry Spins, the adrenaline-fueled bonus round of this 96.1% RTP slot. As the reels morph into a metallic contraption reminiscent of Mad Max, prepare for a descent into madness.

With the help of his trusty weapon, Chainsaw Larry, wreaks havoc on the reels as he takes the form of a Jumping Wild, whilst on his way to mutilate more innocent girls.

It’s totally fucked up. But I’m not here to judge your pastimes… You might just love it, Ted. Excuse that Freudian slip, Jack. Damn!


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The country road less traveled

I am not saying that Kiss My Chainsaw slot is for everyone, it’s certainly not. But if for some warped reason you enjoy slinking down the streets looking for helpless people to lure into your pick-up truck, then this one’s for you.

This is not like True Crime. It is like Making a Murderer – with you on the other side of the teacher’s table. How fun?

I hope the only skills anyone can learn from this monstrosity of a genius horror slot will be how to score big wins. We’re only peace and love here.

Anyway, better go call my doctor – if he’s still alive, that is.