Live it Up In Tuk Tuk Thailand Slot!

Ah, Thailand – the one country I can never get enough of. Sweeping beaches, untouched islands, warm and welcoming people, and one hell of a party.

My BF and I decided we wanted to see all the extraordinary sights in Phuket. He thought, “Let’s rent a scooter.” We did that. And rode it out of the shop through the window.

That was embarrassing, and the bill was hefty… So it was Tuk Tuks for us. Needless to say, my significant other never got on a bike ever again. He can fly planes. Legit. But he can’t ride a scooter.

Luckily he’s good at other things. And we had a wild time there. If you’ve never been to Thailand and are looking for an affordable adventure, this is the place to go. And speaking of adventures, we have Tuk Tuk Thailand slot to check out.

Have you ever gone up a hill in an open-back Tuk Tuk?

There are some things that can be considered dangerous in Thailand. Some of them are getting caught with a joint and riding in Tuk Tuks.

My friend slid right out of one when we went up a hill. Bum on hot tar. Fractured wrist. Disaster station. As for the joint, we were happy with buckets after the stories we heard.

Although they’re not for light-weights. These guys slaughtered me. I missed the whole Full Moon Party because I was in bed, basically unconscious. That was a shame.

But this Habanero slot is about Thailand, its culture, its places, its beauty, and not its silly tourists (like me).


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Beautiful Thailand is steeped in culture

Dragons, Buddhas, Temples, Tigers, and Lotus Flowers are some of the things that make Thai towns so rich in culture and splendor. And these are the symbols you’ll see spinning around this high volatility slot.

There might come a time when you wonder where the Tuk Tuks are… They’re the Wilds, and they’ll come.

Apart from the Wilds, the other feature in the main game is the Money Symbol. Any Lotus Flower symbol that lands can randomly reward you with Bonus Prize Multipliers between 5x and 2,500x. Love it.

Next up on today’s tour is the Free Spins and big wins you can score in this slot.


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Trigger the Tuk Tuks for a good time

Tuk Tuk Thailand slot has several Buy Bonus options where you can decide how many Scatters you’d like to land on the reels.

The more Scatters you choose, ranging from 3 to 5, the more Roaming Wild Tuk Tuks you’ll have to help you win some cool cash.

I chose to play with 4 Scatters, and there were always 2 Wilds on my reels on every spin. I’m not sure about the magic behind it, but I kept earning more free spins, which was cool. I ended up winning a significant sum on a pretty low bet considering, in a total of 20 Free Spins.

Overall, the Free Spins features are great, and they can get you close to winning the game’s maximum amount of €76,250.


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You know what they say about one night in Bangkok…

I really enjoyed playing this game. It takes you from scenic small towns, bigger islands, and to Bangkok – the capital.

One could almost argue that you’ve seen it all just from spinning here. But no, no. You haven’t seen half of it. Tuk Tuk Thailand slot is just a taster, and a great one at that. The real deal cannot be summed up in a slot. It’s something you need to see for yourself.

So, hopefully this 96.75% RTP game will gear you up for your first, or next trip to Thailand.