It’s a Fight for Survival in RollZone Slot

How did we get to a point where the only post-apocalyptic shows on TV are the countless variations and spinoffs of The Walking Dead? The new The Last of Us show is a welcome addition, but I really wish the genre hadn’t been brought this low.

Felix Gaming is fighting the good fight with a zombieless (which is a nice change) post-apocalyptic-themed slot called RollZone slot.

The wasteland of wins awaits

The most noticeable feature of RollZone slot is the quarantine zone that will shift its position on the reels with each spin. If one or multiple symbols within the quarantine zone are part of a winning combination, those symbols will mutate and split into four symbols. This means that the four-block quarantine zone has the potential to split into 16 symbols to supercharge your winning combination.


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If either the blue or green hazmat character symbols appear within the quarantine zone they will trigger a bonus feature.

The blue hazmat character will trigger a round of free spins. Before your round starts, a bonus wheel will determine how many free spins you will receive from one to five spins. The green hazmat character will award a random multiplier (up to 9x) that will be applied to that spin’s winning combination before being reset for the next spin. However, during a round of free spins, the multiplier will not be reset during free spins and will continue to grow throughout your round.


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That’s it really. The slot isn’t exactly exploding with bonus features. The number of bonus features is, however, misleading. The basic trigger format for a round of free spins means that you’ll be heading to the bonus significantly more often than in other slot games. This gives the gameplay more dynamism than I expected which kept me engaged for a lot longer than you would think.

Is RollZone slot a post-apocalyptic masterpiece?

Masterpiece is definitely pushing it but the fight to survive in the wasteland of RollZone slot was surprisingly entertaining. The graphics are a little dated and the slot has far fewer bonus features than a lot of modern slots, but Felix Gaming somehow makes that work to the slot’s advantage. The gameplay is sort of a nostalgic look at the books I used to love to read in my early 20s. It’s the kind of post-apocalyptic horror theme that was popular a few years ago with shows like The 100, Daybreak, and The Last Ship seemingly being released every other month. I’ve always had a soft spot for the theme and so this one just clicked with me.

The slot had medium volatility meaning that you’ll have a nice balance between small consistent wins and bigger less frequent wins. This kind of slot doesn’t really work with players looking to bet the max but if you’re going to, you’ll be betting at €80 a spin for a shot at the €320,000 max win. However, if you’re looking to bet closer to the €0.20 a spin minimum, then you can still expect some impressive wins thanks to the 4,000x max multiplier. The slot has an RTP of 96.47%.

If you’re looking for a few other horror-themed video slots from Felix Gaming, I recommend giving Jack the Winner and Cazombie a try.