It’s One Small Hop for an Amphibian in Frog Space Program Slot

You would think that launching a frog into space is just a silly concept for a slot game. You would be wrong. In the 1970s, NASA actually did send a pair of bullfrogs into orbit to study the effects of weightlessness. The two frogs were launched aboard a Scout rocket on 9 November 1970. The mission was successful, but the frogs were not returned to Earth. RIP, little amphibi-nauts.

Right the wrongs of the past and return the cute little amphibi-naut of Frog Space Program slot from GameBeat once his mission is complete.

Prepare for liftoff

The slot’s wild symbol is a cute frog in a rocket ship. It will function as any other standard wild symbol substituting for other symbols to complete winning combinations. That’s where the standard element of the slot’s wild symbol ends. If the Frog Space Program slot wild is involved in a winning combination, the slot’s Jumping Wild feature will be triggered.


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The Jumping Wild feature will first target another spot on the reels and then move the wild to the new position. A respin will then be triggered. If the wild symbol completes another winning combination, another respin will be triggered, and the Multiplier Strip feature will be activated.

The Multiplier Strip feature will award a multiplier that will be applied to the current winning combination. The multiplier value will be increased with every subsequent winning combination.


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The wild jumps, respins, and multiplier increases will continue to occur until the wild does not complete a winning combination.

Is Frog Space Program slot ready for liftoff?

Well, blow me down and call me Sally. Frog Space Program slot is all kinds of cute! Now that the Southern woman possessing me has been exercised let’s talk about this incredible little slot. If you’ve been following my reviews, you know I love a slot with an intro sequence, and Frog Space Program slot has a great one. It’s cute and sweet and fun, and I love it! The rest of the slot doesn’t disappoint, either. It’s simple and fun and has a great selection of base game bonus features. It doesn’t have a free spins feature, but I think it would ruin the simplicity of the slot if it did have one. This may have slipped into my top five favorite slots of all time.

The slot does suffer from high volatility, which means that small, consistent wins won’t be something you can count on. The slot’s 5,000x max multiplier means you’ll have to bet at €50 a spin to play for the slot’s €250,000 max payout. The slot has an RTP of 96.33%.

If you’re looking for a few other GameBeat slots to try out, I recommend giving Sea Secret or Lord of the Seas a try. Frog Space Program is, however, the best game the slot provider has released to date, in my opinion.