Shadow of the Panther: Infinity Slot has the Bare Necessities

The original Jungle Book came out in 1967. That’s crazy. We hadn’t even gone to the Moon yet. The movie still holds up, though. The graphics are great, and the songs are just perfect. The Bare Necessities may just be my favorite song from any Disney movie. Although, there are some bangers in Frozen (no judging, I have kids).

At the end of The Jungle Book, Mowgli goes into the village with Shanti to start a new life. And yes, I know the book has more of an ending, but I’ve never read it, so I’m going to stick with the movie. What happens to Mowgli after that? Well, if Shadow of the Panther: Infinity slot from High 5 Games is anything to go by, he returns to the Jungle looking like a hardcore Tarzan.

Enter the jungle

Shadow of the Panther: Infinity slot may just have one of the most unique features I have ever seen implemented into a slot game. When you hit a winning combination, the 3×3 square acts as one symbol and is zoomed out to occupy the center symbol of a new 3×3 combination. If you add symbols to the combination, the process will happen again until a point when you no longer add new symbols to your winning combination. It’s basically cascading reels, but the visuals are so well put together that it feels quite magical. It reminded me a bit of some of the crazier visuals from Inception.


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The slot’s free spins round is triggered with three or more bonus symbols, which award a base five free spins with one extra free spins being added for every bonus symbol after three used to unlock the feature. So, if you unlock a round of free spins with five bonus symbols, you will get your five base spins plus two spins for the two additional bonus symbols for a total of seven free spins.

During a round, the slot is transformed into a 4×4-reel slot. At the beginning of each spin, the four center reels combined to form one giant wild symbol. This ensures that you’ll get at least a small win from each and every free spin.


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If that wasn’t enough, the slot also has a jackpot feature that is triggered randomly. The minor jackpot awards 20x your bet, the major 100x your bet, and the grand 2,000x your bet.

Is Shadow of the Panther: Infinity slot worth a spin?

The Shadow of the Panther: Infinity slot zoom-out cascading reel feature is genuinely one of the most surprising elements of a slot I have seen for years. It is just so visually striking. If there were nothing else interesting about this slot, I would recommend you try out for this feature alone. However, the slot does have a whole bunch of other interesting features. The way the slot transforms for a round of free spins was such a nice twist. I highly recommend this one.

The slot has medium volatility, which gives the gameplay a nice balance between rare big wins and more frequent small wins. It does have a fairly ordinary 2,810x max multiplier that will award up to €281,000 in winnings when you’re betting at the €100 per spin maximum. The slot offers an RTP of 96%.

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