It’s the Month of the Zombies – And They’ve Risen at BitStarz!

Well, well, well. Here I am again, writing about the dead. I must be having a morbid May… Perhaps it’s something in the water (or something I’ve been smoking). 

Either way, it is my duty to you to inform you about Zombie Awareness Month. It’s an important cause that needs recognition – clearly since it’s an actual event. SMH. 

So here you have it: zombies eat brains, so if you don’t have one, then you’re good. They’re also hella hideous. No amount of filtering will make them flattering, that’s for sure. 

If you’re keen on walking with the dead this month, these are the slots you should misery-moan for! 

100 Zombies are 100 too many 

Dread. I’m not the biggest fan of cannibals (let alone decomposed cannibals), and the thought of 100 of them grumbling my way is siff. Anyway, in the spirit of Zombie Awareness Month – LOL – dabbling with the dead in 100 Zombies slot will be a total trip! 

Who would have thought… An irrevocable experiment spawned a hoard of zombies into a quiet little town to raise hell and wreck harmony. But the opportunity to win up to €88,000 is pretty sweet, considering the circumstances. 

This Endorphina horror slot will have you fighting a zombie war with the help of Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, and a risky Risk Game. Grab your gun; it’s time to blow out some brains! 


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Braindead does not mean dead 

Honestly, if it was me, myself, and I hiding from zombies in a bunker – I’d happily die there. There’s zero heroism here – and the last face I’d like to see before I die certainly isn’t the creep in Braindead slot

But alas, that’s what we’ve been dished out; a zombie takeover with very few hunters left to save the day (which still won’t be me). If you can face the flesh-eaters, then, by all means, be my guest… You could win €262,500.

Mancala Gaming sets you up with what you need to fight against the not-so-dead, dead. And these are a Bonus Game and Free Spins. It’s a great day for a good old attack! Off you go. 


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Zombie Queen is a woman scorned

Finally, a wilted rose amongst the heinous thorns! This she-zombie is looking for revenge and you should look out because she has risen as the ruler in Zombie Queen slot. And you, dear naïve necromancer, are her subject. Good luck. 

Now this slot I can appreciate – the zombie doesn’t make my eyes burn like the others do. It seems she takes good care of herself, lip filler, Brazilian blowouts and all. Although her paraphernalia is eerie, wins worth up to €69,480 make the tombstones tolerable.

The realm of the dead awaits, and the queen needs a hand! Do her bidding with Walking Multiplier Wilds, a HyperBonus and a HyperBet. And, it’s totally ok if you scream in this Kalamba slot. 


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If you’ve been a zombie all day then it’s time to rise! 

I can’t even claw myself out of bed in the mornings, let alone out of a six-foot grave. 

These leg-draggers might come to play in your street today, so get ahead of the game and prepare yourself for the apocalypse with these big money slots!

And if you’re not done having fun with these fowl dudes, then try these other zombie titles out; Cazombie slot, The Dead Escape slot, and The Walking Dead.

PS. If you see a rotting hand looking for a little help out of the soil – just don’t do it. Ok? You’ll save us all our sanity.