Ride the Winning Streak to Infinite Multipliers in Limbo Cat Slot!

You’re in for a helluva ride with this one – literally! And it’s going to be a bumpy one too. Welcome to the Limbo Cat slot review, or is it Limbo Cat crash game? It’s hard to say, but what we DO know is that you’re going to love it. It’s something different, something new, and something that can make you very, very rich. What’s not to love?

Ever seen a cat driving a tank? It may sound bizarre, but it’s a sight you’ll be getting used to while playing this game. And unlimited multipliers, ever seen those? Not many have. It’s clear that you’re about to experience a few things for the first time, and might experience some mind-blowing wins too.

Let’s start the engine and get this cat on the road to riches in this outrageously fun slot from Onlyplay Games.

Fuel the Tank for the Ride

The object of the game is to withdraw from the round and take your winnings before the cat in the tank crashes by driving over a landmine, and you never know when this could happen. The longer you keep your bet active, the bigger your win will be – unless you crash, that is.

This slot is played without a single reel. You’ll start off by placing your bet before the new round begins. The cat will give you some time to place your bets before he takes off so you better be quick or you’ll miss out on the next round.


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You’ll also have the opportunity to place 2 bets in a single round instead of one. This is very beneficial and allows you to safely withdraw your winnings on the first bet, and ride the second bet out to the max or as you see fit.

Oh, and before we get too carried away, this is a multiplayer game. You can interact with other players by posting emojis on the screen and you can also view their results for the round – exciting stuff! Now you can finally make some friends.

The Ride to Riches Begins

Once your bets are placed, the cat will put the tank on the road and the ride begins. You’re going to have to rely on your intuition from here on out. On the screen, you’ll see a multiplier appear, which will increase as the cat drives along.

This multiplier has an unlimited value, and it can carry on, and on, and will increase until the cat crashes or you pull out. The max win, however, is capped at an unbelievable €400,000. Now put your eyes back into your skull to read what happens next.


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The higher the multiplier, the bigger your win, as your total bet will be multiplied by the multiplier value if you withdraw from the round before the cat crashes the tank. Your win value can also be viewed on the green “Take” button, which is your ticket out of the round. Whenever you feel the cat is going to crash, click on “Take” and secure the win before he does.

Crashing Is Not the End – It’s a New Beginning!

While this unusually talented cat drives his tank down the road, you’ll notice a few green crates along the way. These crates could either award an additional multiplier, or they could be landmines – you never know! That’s why you need to rely on your intuition and pull out before the cat says bye-bye and goes up in flames.


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Fortunately, this daring cat has more than 9 lives, and he’ll pull himself together for another round of thrills every time he crashes. You also have the option to set an automatic “take” with a specified win amount before playing, allowing you to sit back and relax while the wins roll in.

Limbo Cat has a high volatility rating and according to the paytable, an RTP of 94.2%. But since this is a multiplayer game, and the results are subject to your actions, the RTP may differ depending on your strategy.

Hitch a Ride on the Tank!

One of the best things about Limbo Cat slot (apart from the epic wins), is that YOU are in control, and the outcome relies on YOUR decisions. We know, it sounds like a lot of pressure to handle – but just think about what this poor cat is going through!

You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement as you watch your multipliers grow, so hitch a ride to riches with Limbo Cat today and enjoy the money show.