BitStarz 2021: The Year’s Most Popular Slots

2021 has been quite the year… We’ve given away smoking hot Teslas, hosted kick-ass tournaments, welcomed many new players, added hundreds of new games to our site, paid out mega wins the world over. And that’s not all. Biden got inaugurated, Kim started dating Pete, Daft Punk broke up, Delta and Omicron became more than Greek letters, and the 2020 Olympics wowed the virtual crowd (a year later).

Speaking of wowing the crowd, some BitStarz slots turned the most heads, tickled the most fancies, floated the most boats, and here they are… drum roll please – our 10 Most Popular Slots of 2021!

Tune in, you don’t want to miss this epic BitStarz review.

The Slots That Rocked 2021

At BitStarz Casino, we have over 3,600 games, covering every genre imaginable. And with a little digging we identified the 10 slots that dominated gameplay this year. No, we didn’t send out pesky emails with surveys on them, and we didn’t poke our players with polls to answer, we simply turned to our game gurus who have all the answers (with the help of some smart tech, of course).

Are you ready to see who ruled the roost in 2021? Well, we can’t wait to tell you in this BitStarz Casino review. Buckle up, because it’s time to jump in!

10. Fire Lightning


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Fire Lightning slot from BGaming comes in at #10 at BitStarz, and this is no surprise. One, many BGaming games are fan-favorites. Two, this slot has a maximum win of €250,000. Now that’s sure to get players in the mood to strike it rich.

This legendary slot takes you back to Ancient Greece with mythical gods for modern wins. It is loaded with triumphant features and a Gamble Round to keep the winning spree going.

This slot is suited to those with a taste for knowledge, science, and engineering, because here, you’re the master of your destiny.

9. Aztec Magic


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Aztec Magic slot is up next, at a strong #9. Glancing at this popular game, it doesn’t look “all that”. But, our players think it’s the cream of the crop, clearly.

The features of this slot, inspired by the monumental Aztec empire in the early days of civilization, are pretty simple. And yet, this game trumped thousands of others in the Most Popular category, offering only Wilds and Free Spins.

But, with all this said, Aztec Magic slot is just that… Magic. It has huge appeal to our players and we’re chuffed to see that traditional video slots are still sizzling hot.

8. Buffalo 50


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The Most Popular game at #8 at BitStarz is Buffalo 50 slot from Endorphina. Buffalos are the subject of many slots, so it makes perfect sense that at least one of these big-beast games made it on this list.

Buffalo 50 slot offers players hefty wins, and with the help of advanced and exciting features like Stacked Wilds, charging for greener pastures and prized pleasures isn’t hard to do.

This is one of two BitStarz casino real money animal-themed games making it on the Most Popular list for 2021. So animal lovers, keep your eyes peeled for the other one.

7. Diamond Riches


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Diamonds are no longer only a girls’ best friend, they’re everyone’s best friend if you know the pawn shop to go to. Shining bright at #7 on BitStarz list is Diamond Riches slot from Booming Games.

With a whopping win potential of €300,000, this dazzling game is a classic 3-reel slot boasting unlimited Free Spins, Diamond Payouts, and Risk Game.

Bedazzle your dreams with this luxe slot alongside plenty of other players and experience a classic showdown for rewards in Diamond Riches slot. There’s a reason it’s so popular… It’s all about the money, honey!

6. Wolf Treasure


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Wolf Treasure slot is our #6 Most Popular slot of 2021. Wolf Treasure slot can only be played by our BitStarz Australia players. But have no fear, Wolf Gold slot is the same game but with a different name that players from other countries can enjoy.

Howl for huge wins in this apex game where Stacked Wilds, Money Respins and Blazing Reels help you hunt down your prized prey.

There’s also the opportunity to take the jackpots by the jugular. You don’t have to wait for a full moon to play Wolf Treasure slot, the wolves are wide-eyed and waiting for you.

5. Sweet Bonanza


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When we say we have games covering every genre possible, we weren’t kidding. Our Most Popular slot taking position #5 is Sweet Bonanza slot from Pragmatic Play, where a sugar rush for wins is what our players have been enjoying in this candyland game.

With a Tumble Feature, Free Spins and delicious rewards waiting around every sugary bend, Sweet Bonanza slot has just the ingredient to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Embark on one of the tastiest adventures around at BitStarz and indulge in cotton candy clouds and wait for big-money treats to come raining down.

4. Dragon’s Element


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Breathing fire at #4 on this chart of popularity, is Dragon’s Element slot from Platipus. Giving it its wings to soar to success, is the fact that this is a Jackpot Slot where players can hit the big time with three jackpot types on offer.

Apart from its famous Dragon Jackpot feature, this slot has Free Spins, Wild Rows, and a sense of tranquility you’ll only find in the valleys of Asia.

Spin reels for prosperity and fortune with Lotus Flowers, Koi Fish, Dragonflies, and Frogs and watch the wins reveal themselves in this highly popular BitStarz slot.

3. Aztec Magic Deluxe


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A successful slot deserves a spin-off, don’t you agree? Well BGaming does, and this is where Aztec Magic Deluxe slot comes in to take its place at #3 on our Most Popular Slots of 2021 list.

Like those good old CDs back in the day, this is the deluxe version of Aztec Magic slot, where the graphics are greater, the features are more enhanced, and the overall game has moderned-up.

With €375,000 up for grabs in this spruced-up slot, we’re seeing plenty of players heading to the Sorcerer Princess for magical prizes. Will you join them on the quest?

2. Wild Spin


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Wild Spin slot is awarded a sterling Silver at #2 on BitStarz Most Popular slots for the year. This game has had many spins, many wins, and many many hours of enjoyment from players all over the world.

A Platipus title, Wild Spin slot epitomises the bright lights and big Las Vegas city life experience. Opening lounge doors to Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, and Progressive Jackpots… this slot will have you grooving with big wins in no time.

Take your seat at this ultra-popular slot and pull the proverbial lever, because in one lucky spin, you can earn yourself major ka-ching.

1. Elvis Frog in Vegas


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The King of Rock is the King of Slots! #1 is Elvis Frog in Vegas slot from BGaming. This show-stopping frogstar has been a popular slot month after month.

Not only is the game a hoot, complete with entertaining animations, but the features are hip and hoppin’. From Blazing Reels and Coin Respins, to Tutti-Frutti Jackpots, Elvis Frog in Vegas slot is full of fun ways to win up to €125,000.

If you’ve never taken Elvis Frog for a spin, then you’re missing out BIG TIME. He’s a resident at BitStarz and he ain’t going anywhere. The only question is… Will he retain his place on the throne of popularity next year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What Makes These Slots So Hot?

Now that’s a great question… Thanks for asking! It’s an array of things, really. Combine state-of-the-art graphics, and creative themes, with engaging mechanics and massive win potential, and there’s your answer.

All these slots have well balanced math models, meaning it’s easy to identify what you’re looking for in order to hit it big in these popular picks.

This list of games is diverse and appeals to players who enjoy different types of slots. It includes the most popular Jackpot Slots, Classic Slots, Feature Rich Slots, and Hold and Wins – which makes them extremely exciting.

If these slots pique your interest then you should totally check out the BitStarz reviews of all of them on the BitStarz Blog. And, if you’re a fan of them, then do a BitStarz referral and get your mates to experience all the fun too – and you’ll get yourself BitStarz free spins, so everyone wins.

Why You Should Play Them?

This answer is easy. The proof is in the pudding. These are the most popular slots at BitStarz and the slots that made waves in 2021. No doubt our players have tried and tested many of our slots, and to have 10 of them reign supreme shows just how appealing they are.

But we’re like mother hens, we love all our games and think they’re all the bomb. However, our players’ spins and bets speak volumes and what they’re saying is, “these slots are awesome and we highly recommend them”.

Amongst them are hundreds of thousands of euros up for grabs for lucky spinners and limitless amounts of entertainment to indulge in. Need we say more?

What’s more is that you can play them all on BitStarz mobile too. Now when we say mobile, you don’t need to go looking for a BitStarz app, or BitStarz mobile app, all you need to do is enter in your smartphone’s browser and viola.