Get your Shark Week fix with Hungry Shark slot!

Start Shark Week off a savior, because it’s up to you to keep yourself and the castaway from a great white bite in Hungry Shark slot. The poor old drifter has been lost at sea for months– it’s done wonders for his beard game – but out there, nobody can hear him scream. He needs a rescuer, and a bath, badly.

You can circle huge wins in this razor-sharp slot. But devouring those wins will require skill, because swimming between you and a maximum win of €206,000 is a flesh-shredding jaw.

There is blood in the water, so you’re in for a bone-chilling adventure at sea. Dive in and let your survival instincts do the work.

You’re a fish among the sharks

Duh-dum, duh-dum… This Wazdan slot is set in shark-infested waters; no place for just any doggy paddler. You’ll have to prove your courage and outwit the blood-thirsty sharks for victory.

This is what you’re up against in the deep blue sea – a Great White Shark, a Message in a Bottle, a Flare Gun, a Makeshift Flag, and the Card Deck Royals.

The symbol that’ll take you to safety is a Raft. It acts as both the Wild and the Scatter and will bring hope to the less than ideal situation you are in with the ferocious shark watching your every move.


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Everything is a gamble out here

No doubt that playing in shark territory is out of your depths, so how about 10 Free Spins to calm your nerves?

To land the Free Spins feature in this 96.47% RTP slot you’ll need to reel in 3 or more Scatters in one spin. Upon entering the murky waters you’ll be presented with a Pick and Click bonus game. You’ll need to select one of the castway’s 4 floating barrels, where mystery Wild symbols hide.

The symbol you reveal from the barrel will turn into a Special Wild for the duration of the Free Spins round, and it will also stack the reels they land on to give you a leg up on the great white competition, and the chance to create more winning combinations.


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Hungry Shark slot also offers a Risk Game where the brave can double their winnings. The tricky task is to go fishing with the castaway in the hope he catches a fish. The fish will award you with a 2x win, while catching a decaying boot will cause you to lose the initial win, and end the Risk Game.

The Risk Game is no small feat… If your fishing expedition doesn’t come out in the castaway’s favor, he will be eaten by the shark – and you will witness it, blood, gore and all.


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Swim to survival and big wins

The stakes in this hair-raising slot are as high as you want them to be because the volatility is adjustable. So you can choose to play it with a low, medium, or high volatility – whatever floats your raft.

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Do you have what it takes to swim for survival and be a hero too? Show Hungry Shark slot who’s boss at BitStarz.