Learn to Love the Random Number Generator

Almost every player who has lost an online casino game has, at one time or another, labeled the game as “fixed” – that is to suggest that a game has been rigged so the house always wins. While it is of course true that the house has an edge, many players do not realize that there is a thing called a Random Number Generator in every casino game that involves computers, sometimes referred to as ‘provability’.

The RNG is software required by law and gambling commissions to ensure that the results of the games are genuinely random. What this means is that the action is random, exciting, and – above all else – fair. While unpredictability can be a player’s worst enemy, there are several reasons why you should stop worrying and learn to love the RNG.

The RNG Protects You

The RNG system makes all the legal casinos operate with fairness. If it were a land-based casino, you know that the ball on the roulette will randomly land, you know that the cards were shuffled, and you know that the results are all random. In the online world, the RNG is what prevents game designers and casinos from rigging the game. The RNG makes sure that the result of the spin has nothing to do with earlier, or later, results. Remember, when an RNG is in place, random really does mean random.

The RNG Keeps it a Game of Chance

Without the RNG, the games could be rigged and only cheaters would win. The RNG is the only thing that makes gambling true to its essence – a game of chance. While the cards you are dealt may not be the best ones, this is where you get the opportunity to apply your skill. If you are gambling, you need to accept the fact that it is a combination of fun, skills, and luck. Even highly-evolved games in sports have an element of luck. You will not learn how to gamble appropriately without the RNG because you would be able to count cards or think of better ways to game the system, instead of learning how best to play the game and improving over time.

The RNG Works for You

Some may not like the RNG, especially when they lose, but it acts as a regulator for online casino games, ensuring that the next person has as much chance of winning as the last. Casinos are regularly scrutinized by government officials, ensuring that players always receive fair play, so you can be sure that when playing at properly licensed casinos like BitStarz the RNG is ultimately working to protect you from cheats and making sure you have as much chance of winning as anyone else.