Become Part of a Legend in Story of Hercules – Expanded Edition!

Hercules is a legend and story that we absolutely love, and now it’s your chance to become part of that legend. How you ask? Well, it’s rather quite simple. All you have to do is spin the reels in Story of Hercules – Expanded Edition slot and rack up big wins. The wins on offer are so big, you’ll go down in history alongside Hercules!

If the name sounds a bit familiar to you, then there is a good chance you’ve been enjoying the classic version of Story of Hercules. Story of Hercules – Expanded Edition is exactly what its name suggests – an expanded version of the game with way more features!

Let’s Dig in!

Legendary Wins Await the Brave Knight

We all want to be the hero of the story and now it’s your turn to be that hero. Featuring Hercules, a giant scary eagle, a dragon with more heads then we can count, a powerful lion and a buff looking bull, you’ve got all the key ingredients of a legendary tale. As the hero, it’s your job to defeat evil and make off with the loot at the end of the story. Story of Hercules – Expanded Edition carries an incredible max win of €30,000 from each hand every spin. For a medium volatility game, that’s a pretty sweet deal!

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Explore the Map in Free Spins

One of our favorite new features is the cool free spins that you can unlock by landing three free spins symbols or more on the reels. If you don’t fancy this challenge, you can skip to the good part by hitting the “buy feature” button that will allow you to buy free spins – each hero gets to the boss battle a little differently. Here, you will be presented with a map, and you have to work your way through it. There are five different stages of free spins, with each location giving you a different bonus. Once you’ve played free spins five times, you can pick which location you want to play your free spins at – allowing you to tailor your free spins gameplay to your play style!

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Story of Hercules – Expanded Edition is one of the most exciting games we’ve seen so far this year and we love the improvements Spinomenal have made to the game. So, if you fancy becoming a legendary hero, hit the reels and slay the dragon!