Lightning Strikes to Boost Your Wins in Lightning Roulette Live!

If you want to experience the ultimate thrill that casino table games offer, there’s no better way to boost the action than with a 5-star live casino game, and Lightning Roulette is loaded with excitement. This enhanced version of the age-old classic has turned the tables with a combination of live casino gaming and a high-payout RNG that takes live Roulette to the next level, and the payouts too.

Evolution Gaming is known for creating some of the best live casino games the world has ever known, and this masterpiece is one of their most popular. It’s super easy to play and simple to understand, and just wait ‘til you see what happens when the lightning strikes.

Place your bets and prepare for the thunder

Evolution has gone all-out with this incredible game which streams live straight to the player from their state-of-the-art live casino studio. If you’ve played any live games from this provider before, then you’ll know that the dealers are world-class and as entertaining as they come.

The game itself works pretty much the same as regular Roulette, although there are a few added bonuses and some features to help you enjoy the game in comfort. When the round begins, the dealer will allow players the opportunity to place their bets by clicking on the betting positions in the mini Roulette layout at the bottom of the screen.


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You’ll find all the standard betting positions for Roulette, including a few classic French Roulette neighbor bet options for strategic betting. All the payout odds are the same as standard Roulette, however, the straight-up bet (betting position in the center of a number) in this game could pay far more than regular Roulette, so let’s find out why.

Lightning Strikes for bigger multiplier wins

When the betting round begins, a timer will appear on the screen letting you know how much time you have to bet. When the timer runs out, the betting round is closed and the dealer will then pull a lever at the back of the stage to trigger the lightning feature which picks the “lucky numbers” for the round.

The lightning will strike the screen and between 1 and 5 “lucky numbers” will be chosen randomly for each round. If one of the chosen numbers comes up as the winner, it will award higher payout odds on straight-up bets as seen in the image below.


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The regular payout for straight-up bets in this game is 29:1, which is slightly lower than normal Roulette. But the randomly chosen “lucky numbers” could award payouts between 50x and 500x your bet! Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of these sensational wins? You might even strike it lucky within the first spin or two so playing straight-up bets is certainly the way to go.

Get supercharged wins in Lightning Roulette today!

Lightning Roulette provides a totally immersive experience and it feels as though you’re punting in a real, world-class casino. The dealers are entertaining and also engage with players via the live chat function which makes the experience all the more authentic.

The game has a theoretical 97.1% RTP and with the possible 500x win on straight-up bets, Lightning Roulette takes live gaming to the next level with all these added bonuses and features. Now go ahead and pick your lucky numbers to watch the lightning strike bigger wins today!