Stay Alive for Walker Wins in Re Kill Slot!

I’m a seriously late bloomer when it comes to TV shows. I watched Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad like 3 years after all the hype.

Anyway, I’ve just spent the last 300+ hours watching The Walking Dead, so Re Kill slot couldn’t have come out at a better time for me. I have a newfound obsession with zombies. Sadly.

Re Kill is a pretty interesting name, I guess it’s because you have to kill these walkers twice. Kill and re-kill them for the chance at €32,000. That’s fair enough. This is something I learned recently – a blade to the brain.

If I didn’t know any better I’d think a stake to the heart would do the trick. Because, you know, vampires. Damn the undead are complicated.

Where’s Negan?

Unfortunately this badass Lucille-lover isn’t here, because Mascot did not replicate The Walking Dead – although they may as well have – a zombie apocalypse is a zombie apocalypse. But these characters seem to be brave enough for the task.

Personally, I’d like more zombie and a little less human here. If we see one every now and then it’s a lot. It’s supposed to be the end of the world, people! Where are the zombies?

I guess you see their decomposed hands when it comes to the features, which then means they’re here to help us win. Another example of how the undead are complicated. SMH.


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Stay alive for the Random Wild Reels

I can’t quite make out the storyline in this low volatility slot. It seems we are in a lab, due to the Toxic Scatter symbol. But why is there a kid? It’s as senseless as believing zombies will one day kill us all. We have a better chance at being run over by a chimp on a lawnmower.

The main game feature is of Random Wild Reels, which activate at any given moment. Between 1 and 5 reels can be transformed into Expanded Wilds. It’s bloody and brilliant.

And you’ll see them coming when a zombie scratches the reels. Their nails must be made of razors if this is the case. Which it is. Interesting to be decomposing but still have the talons of an eagle.


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The Free Spins will have you groaning for more

The noises the biters/walkers/lurkers/roamers make are hectic. It’s just endless hissing and groaning. Why does Michonne not rip out their voice boxes along with their teeth? She’d be doing us all a favor.

Re Kill slot has Free Spins that can either be triggered through the Buy Bonus option, or by landing 3 to 5 Scatters. You can get up to 30 free spins to use to see the dead do their thing.

Another cool thing about this feature is that you can come across Transforming Wilds on your journey for supplies, and slot success.


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Don’t get bit!

I visited South Africa once, and if I’d be anywhere during a zombie apocalypse – I’d be there. Their walls are so damn high. That’s one sure way to keep the dead at bay. But hopefully UberEats will still run, else I’m not quite sure how I’ll get food.

Maybe I’ll go off to one of those wine farms and live off grapes and chardonnay. That actually sounds fabulous.

Anyway, watch The Walking Dead if you haven’t and play the 95.9% RTP Re Kill slot!