Cops, Robbers, and Big Wins Galore in Return to Paris Slot

Why work for a living if you’ve got nimble fingers, a flamboyant mustache, a striped shirt, and your own balaclava? It would just be wrong!

Join us on an adventure around the Eiffel Tower as we watch the cat-and-mouse stalking of our fleet-footed pilferer and his arch-nemesis. But be warned, this game might just end up stealing your heart.


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Once upon a time, there was a lot of money to be won

Slot games with storylines are quite a rarity so when one does come along, we’re always excited to try ’em out. Return to Paris slot from Betsoft is a follow-up to its predecessor where we met our sneaky thief and determined cop for the first time.

This time around, we’re looking at an RTP of 96.06%, along with a medium volatility and a top prize of €105,600. Nothing to sneer at, then.

In terms of the design, we actually prefer the first one – the bigger icons were more impactful, and sharper. And that translated better onto mobile devices. However, the new version has got some brilliant animations and that does give it a sweet uniqueness.


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Capture the stolen goods and score a big win

When our burglar appears on the reels, he steals an adjacent symbol. That leaves a space for another one to drop into. The stolen item gets added to the row of symbols at the bottom of the reels. When the cop shows up, he shines his torch on the reels and takes back one of the symbols.

If the cop and the thief land up next to each other, well that’s when you see the Wild Explosion. It’s serious fireworks for these arch enemies and then the 2 symbols, as well as any adjacent ones, transform into Wilds.

At some point, you’ll see the bored-looking Mona Lisa. She’s the Scatter and if you land 3 of her on the center reels, that will trigger the Endless Heist feature. When this happens, the thief has a field day, moving around the grid and stealing to his heart’s content. The cop tries to chase him down and the round can go on until he’s captured.

This feature is where you can seriously score – both in terms of moolah as well as racking up a potential 1,000 Free Spins! This has to be one of the better features we’ve encountered in a while.

It’s reel-ey, reel-ey good fun!

Yeah, this game is seriously cool. There’s nothing wrong with the RTP, but for players after the big bucks, the medium volatility is not the best. But if you take into account the effort put into making this a fun and entertaining game, one can assume those guys aren’t the target audience anyway.

For those of us who play for fun, and in the hopes of making some dosh along the way, then there’s nothing wrong with spending time with Return to Paris slot.

We do recommend having a go at the previous version, A Night in Paris slot, and also Empty the Bank slot, which has a massive top prize if that’s more your speed.