Get Your Hands Dirty in Crystal Land 2 Slot

In South Africa, there is an old diamond mine that is affectionately known by the very descriptive name, The Big Hole. The open-pit mine represents the world’s deepest hole excavated by hand. From 1871 to 1914, around 50,000 miners from around the world showed up with picks and shovels that they used to dig a hole that extended over 42 acres. When it was all said and done, around 6,000 pounds of diamonds were pulled out of the mine.

Now, the mine dug by the prospector in Crystal Land 2 slot from Playson certainly isn’t as large. Here’s hoping it’s large enough for some big wins, though.

Time to get your hands dirty

Crystal Land 2 slot’s main gameplay is built around cluster pays with cascading reels. What this means is that instead of traditional paylines, wins will be awarded when five or more of the same symbol appear next to each other, joining on either the vertical or horizontal axis. Diagonally won’t count. Once a winning combination is formed, all symbols involved will be removed from the slot, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots. It’s kinda like Candy Crush if you’ve ever played that.


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The cascading reels feature of the slot is connected to what is the most noticeable element of the slot: the blocked positions. Each cascade will unlock one row of the blocked symbols. If you unlock all six blocked symbol rows on a single spin, you will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature. At the end of each spin, the reels are reset.

Completing winning combinations gets a little easier with the appearance of a wild symbol, which will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. In addition to a standard wild feature, the slot also offers wild multipliers that will apply the multiplier value to any winning combination the wild is involved in. There is also a random wilds feature that will see the aggressive-looking prospector throw a bunch of extra wilds onto the reels.


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If you’re not keen on unlocking a round of the slot’s free spins the old-fashioned way, you can select to purchase a round with the buy bonus feature.

Does Crystal Land 2 slot live up to the hype of the original?

Crystal Land 2 slot has high volatility. This means that the gameplay will steer away from small, consistent wins with larger, rare wins as the focus. The slot’s 10,000x max multiplier means that you can play for $100,000 in winnings betting at just $10 a spin. The slot’s RTP rating is 95.5%.

Slot sequels are very often underwhelming, adding a slight update to the graphics, and that’s about it. Crystal Land 2 slot may, however, have the complete opposite way.

The original Crystal Land slot from Playson was released in January 2018. The slot featured the same 7×7 grid configuration with the locked positions. However, the graphics and even the bonus features of the two games are noticeably different. While the crystal symbols look similar, they have been redesigned for the new game, too. I like providers that show a significant difference between the first and second installment of a game, but apart from the name, it is difficult to see a connection between the two slots.

That being said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with Crystal Land 2 slot. It’s a bit generic, considering there are a number of slots like it out there, but it has solid gameplay and interesting bonus features. I give this one a six out of ten.

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