Magical Wins Are Waiting in Moon Princess Slot!

One thing is for sure, Moon Princes comes with a totally over-the-top fairytale theme, but the name of this brand new game probably tells you that. Heart-shaped lockets, bells, and pretty princesses grace the reels with elegant angel-like wings. Of course, there is much more to this game than just a little fairy dust here and there. For all of its sparkle and splendidness, Moon Princess has plenty of power too, the €100,000 max win is certainly out of this world. Supercharged with high volatility action and a  94.51% RTP, there is plenty of fuel to drive this rocket to the moon, while the 5,000x multiplier is the turbo booster you’ll need to win big.

If you’ve imagined yourself as one of these anime barbies as a child, wisping about between all the pink and baby blue-haired fairies, Moon Princess would definitely take you on a reminiscent experience through your childhood fantasies, and perhaps you’ll acquire some of that magical moolah on the journey!

Wish upon a star and win big

See your winnings reach for the stars by getting three or more symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically. But, that’s only where the fun begins, as you can watch them vanish to the dark side of the moon. The remaining symbols drop down to settle among the rest, creating more wins and a higher win multiplier.

These magical artifacts become our winning symbols. which include a star, heart locket, and a bell. All flaunting their stylish angel wings. The ladies of the game, our eccentric princesses, are impossible to miss. Each of them framed in a circular symbol, you will find yourself calling their names and beckoning them to the reels. The moon, in all its mystery, does not discriminate and goes wild and free, substituting for all symbols.


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When the symbols are away, the spins come out to play

What happened to all the symbols? Not to worry. There’s an exciting feature at play when this happens. If you manage to get all the symbols to disappear from the reels by hitting wins, you get to choose between a set of free spin bonus rounds, each relating to one of the princesses’ unique abilities.

Charlie’s Angels have nothing on these ladies

This is where things get exciting… Girl Power baby. This doesn’t refer to the might of the female gender’s prowess in life, but to this game’s most exciting feature, which is triggered randomly throughout the game in non-winning game rounds. During this feature, the princesses flaunt their abilities by influencing the game to the player’s advantage.

Princess Storm will destroy two sets of symbols in a tempest-like rage. Princess Love, being the passionate lady that she is, takes pity on you by transforming symbols. Finally, the optimistic Princess Star graciously places two Wild symbols on the reels. These features will be determined by which princess is by your side – she will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


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It’s a wonderful night for a moon dance

The Princess Trinity bonus adds that extra thrill to the range of features in this game. Once the Trinity Bonus meter, located on the bottom right side of the screen, is full the player is awarded a free round. When this happens each princess will take a turn to showcase their abilities and possibly create more winning combinations. This meter fills up with combinations formed using the princess symbols, so call those princesses as often as possible.

A full moon and plenty of moolah!

This game is loaded with excitement. Free spins, unique special features, bet multipliers, and outstanding graphics coupled with attention-grabbing sound effects will keep you entertained – provided pink decor and fairytale princesses are your thing. One could wonder if the man on the moon is actually a man at all…