Prepare for Explosive Big Wins in TnT Tumble Slot!

Miners of old used to risk their lives by digging underground and using TNT to blow holes in the walls so that they could go deeper. In return, we paid them a pittance for the gold, diamonds and coal that they retrieved for us.

So, today we’re taking you deep below the surface to catch a glimpse of the life of a gem miner as we spin the reels in TnT Tumble slot. Get ready for explosive actions and tons of sparkly gems!

Light the Fuse and Pocket the Cash!

There are plenty of shiny gems on offer for you to collect in TnT Tumble, but the best ones are hidden deep below the surface. As you spin the reels and unlock winning combos, the winning symbols will explode and open up more of the play area, giving you up to 4 more rows to play on. There are stacks of dynamite buried all over, and if you can trigger one of these, you’ll unlock a good chunk of the play area.

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TnT Tumble comes in as a medium to high volatility slot with a generous RTP of 96.11%, which is pretty sweet considering the number of wilds and reel expansion there is on offer. For your time down the mines, there’s a max win of €20,880, which is pretty good for a day’s work.

Dive Deeper in Free Spins Mode!

Crank up the energy to the max and dive deeper below the surface as you enter free spins mode. To trigger free spins mode, you need to clear away the whole bottom section of the reels to clear the play area. The stacked drill wilds can help you do this in no time at all, and they’re a huge help in free spins mode. You can also opt to buy free spins mode using the buy button.

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You can get handy multipliers in free spins mode and more spins by simply cascading wins and unlocking the cube that they’re buried within. However, you will need to opt for the free spins bonus perk that offers extra free spins in order to get these. This is chosen at the beginning of free spins mode.

An Explosive Time!

Below the surface, the explosions feel louder and the action is more exciting. The graphics are solid and the cascading wins make TnT Tumble one of the most exciting games this week. You’re going to have a ton of fun trying out this slot, mark our words!