Break the bank and hog the loot in 7 Piggies slot!

We haven’t heard from the Big Bad Wolf for some time now, and it seems the piggies have really come into their own since his disappearance. Without all the huffing and puffing, these pigs have been permitted to roam free and take to their true personalities. 7 Piggies slot is where they all hang out, and you’ll find a few quirky characters oinking their way up and down the reels in this side-splitting slot from Pragmatic Play.

The piggies have their own motto: “Pigger is always better!” And they believe this with all their heart. It really shows when you get to know them, and the payouts on their farm are pigger than you’ve ever seen before! Let’s head over and pork around in their piggy bank for €343,000 max win.

Meet your new piggy pals

Everything seems perfectly normal when you enter the game. In the background, you can see a barn to the left, and on the right side, a sign hanging from a tree that reads “Pig Pen”, which is not easily noticed with these hilarious piggy symbols staring back at you from the reels.


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They each have their very unique appearance, and you could immediately tell who is who in the piggy pen. The funny thing is that there are only 6 piggy symbols in this slot. Don’t worry, you’re not the 7th! You’ll meet him in a while. The lowest-paying piggy is the king. He puts all the other piggies first, and he’ll even take over their duties and substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter, because he’s the Wild piggy in this slot.

Next, we have the baby blue pig sucking on a dummy, the orange Johnny Bravo-looking piggy with sunnies over his eyes (the cool pig on the block), the purple vampire piggy, the pink princess piggy, and finally, the green construction worker piggy as the highest paying symbol in the slot.

Piggy #7 brings out the big bucks

This slot has a high volatility rating, so it might take a while before you get to meet piggy #7, but then again, you could become well-acquainted from the get-go, who knows? The 7th piggy is the farmer, he spends most of his time out in the farmlands sowing the money seeds for new rewards. If you manage to land 3 or more Scatters on the reels, he’ll make a turn and offer you some freshly-picked bonuses.


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When triggering this feature, you’ll receive 5 free spins with a 1x multiplier. Before your spins begin, a screen will pop up where the farm piggy will offer you 3 extra bonuses. Click on each barn image to reveal the prizes which could either be added multipliers or additional free spins.

The 95.99% RTP is about as generous as the farmer piggy, and you’ll be harvesting the ripest wins on the farm during this bonus game. You’ll be able to bag more free spins during this bonus too, so keep an eye out for those Scatters because there’s no limit on the number of free spins you can collect.

Head for the piggy farm to pig-out on the wins today!

Now you’ve met the gang, so head over to their money farm and oink your way to the piggy bank with all the wins. Your new piggy pals will see you rolling in the loot and grunting for more. With extra bonuses, multipliers, and piggy perfect payouts galore, whoever said pigs are greedy has never played 7 Piggies slot before.