Raid the Enemy’s Riches in New 1942: Sky Warrior Slot

Despite a shockingly short life expectancy, every recruit wanted to be a fighter pilot during World War II. In addition to the cool leather jackets and white scarves, aviators always got the girl and were able to fly home to a nice hot meal. When the alternative was getting trench foot while waiting for a mortar to drop on your head, you can see the appeal of flying above the fray.

Volunteer for the air force in 1942: Sky Warrior slot from Red Tiger and start your flying career off with a win!

Are you ready for takeoff?

In 1942, the United States launched the Doolittle Raid, and it had nothing to do with a doctor aggressively communicating with animals. It was the first air raid attack on Tokyo and the Japanese mainland. Although it didn’t inflict much damage, the raid was a huge morale boost for US forces following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941.


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Despite the somewhat dark part of history that the slot is based on, 1942: Sky Warrior slot leans more into the propaganda created after the raid. The characters are, save a single lass, chiseled airmen ready to punch the Japanese Emperor in the nose and win the war single-handedly.

Although the characters that inhabit the reels are fun to look at, the background steals the show. It features some of the most prominent fighter aircraft of the age wheezing through the sky. The addition of a subtle animation that makes it appear as if each plane’s propeller is spinning completes a compelling landscape of World War II aerial combat.

Bombs away!

When you’re behind enemy lines flying in a tin can with walls thinner than the jacket you have on, you’re going to have to bring your best if you have any chance of winning the war.

During base gameplay, you’ll have the chance to equip your fighting machine with Winning Wilds. If you manage to include this sought-after upgrade in a winning combination, all other symbols involved in the win will be upgraded, boosting that win by up to 400%! It’ll also give you a chance to drop bombs on low-value symbols, with additional symbols falling into the vacated spaces for a chance at another win.


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This is only the start, though. If you want to win the war, you’ll need three or more golden Ace scatter symbols to unlock a round of 10 free spins. During free spins, any upgraded symbols will retain their upgrades for the duration of the round for a chance at that 45,000 jackpot!

Is 1942: Sky Warrior slot a flying ace or a sitting duck?

1942: Sky Warrior slot captures the majesty of the life of an aviator. The slot is beautifully illustrated and animated, features multiple bonus features, and a more than adequate €45,000 jackpot.

There is, however, a small design flaw with this flying machine. 1942: Sky Warrior slot offers a disappointing 95.68% RTP rating and medium to high volatility. As a result, you’ll have to wait a little longer for wins that might not be as big as you’d like them to be.

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