New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Improve Your Casino Efforts


A New Year represents a great opportunity to take stock of how your casino gaming efforts are going, in the hopes of making improvements for the year ahead. The following gives you a few hints and tips that are sure to help you turn 2019 into your most rewarding year yet at BitStarz Casino.

Explore Other Games

A common problem among players is that they stick to only one game and never bother testing out any others. Equally, many who play slot machines just stick to one slot or one type of slot instead of trying something different. There are more than 1800 games at BitStarz, so why not try one new game a week and see if anything takes your fancy? All games are different, so switching things up might just allow you to find something that better suits your skills. For example, you may be driving yourself insane card counting on blackjack when you are more likely to succeed in baccarat.

Manage It Like a Business

Those who play for fun and don’t mind losing money here and there may not need to worry so much about this particular tip. But, if losing money makes you mad then you need to start thinking of your hobby as a business. Keep a journal of your wins and losses, and list the games where you won and lost. If you can keep track of this in spreadsheet form you can take it up a notch and analyze your statistics. For example, if you used Fibonacci as a betting model, did it work? How many losses did it take to break even? If you know what is happening, you can make informed decisions about your gambling choices.

Look for Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions aren’t just for new players, existing players can take advantage too. New games sometimes come with bonuses attached, especially if they are exclusive, but casinos will usually have one or two promotions running on specific games at any one time. Ensure that you check back on your casino’s promotions and bonus pages frequently, say once a week, to take advantage of any that tempt you.

Ringing in the Changes

Changing your habits can have a significant impact on your casino success, so taking the time to evaluate what you’re doing can reap big rewards. Think about what you’re playing, follow these tips, shoot for the stars, and who knows, you could make 2019 your most profitable year yet!

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