No SpongeBob in Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack Slot?

Oh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The better question here would be, “Who’s curled up and hiding in a pineapple under the sea?”

Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack slot has my imagination running wild. Has Bikini Bottom been invaded by the new crayfish in town?

It sure looks like it. Poor SpongeBob and his strange combination of friends are nowhere to be seen in this very obvious ‘MoistBob DripPants’ rip-off!

It’s hysterical. Just brilliant. Mr. Krabs bored me most of the time, anyway. I wouldn’t mind if he got killed off (by Plankton, obvs) and replaced by Lobster Bob for good. He’s got a personality!

The Krusty Krab vs. The Crab Shack

I don’t think Mr. Krabs has what it takes to go up against Lobster Bob. A) because he’s twice his size and sells treasure, not edibles. And B) because Lobster Bob looks like a dimwit who just can’t be negotiated with.

Yeah, you’d think the “Crab Shack” would be a store or something, but apparently, it’s just a square aquarium filled with adventurous fish friends looking for a side hustle. It seems being used as pieces of décor doesn’t do it for them.

Here, you can score big with Treasure Chests, Pearls, and Golden Crab Tickets! Pragmatic Play has really delivered an awesomely creative and fun game for us, and right on time for the weekend too!


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Please look at the lobster’s shoes

I had to highlight that tiny detail! It’s only one of the many details that make this high-volatility game so well done. And that’s not just in the graphics department, either.

You can buy Free Spins, increase your chances to win the Bonus Feature with an Ante Bet and climb the Crab Ladder for instant cash wins.

Also, in the details… The soundtrack. It’s not identical to SpongeBob’s intro but is equally childlike and ear-wormy.

And did I mention you can win up to €360,000 spinning the reels in this weird sea of excitement? No? Well, you can!


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Blowing bubbles and fishing for features

The features to know about here include the main and bonus game ‘Instant Crab Wins.’ If you hit 3 or more Golden Crab Tickets on the reels, they’ll award their respective multiplied win. These range from 1x your bet to 2,000x your bet. Yip. Huge.

The Free Spins is the bonus game, and to trigger it, you’ll need to land 3 Free Spins Symbols simultaneously.

You’ll then go on to determine how many free spins you’ll win and what multiplier value will be awarded to them, too. This is done in a fun, spinning Sailor’s Wheel mechanic. I got 30 free spins in this 96.03 RTP release. What a win!


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Guess we can’t eat crayfish for a while!

Unless you can. Hey, many people fillet their own fish. No judgments here. But I now see lobsters and crabs as that little Prawn Dad in Shark Tale, who was begging to be spared.

That’ll last as long as I get to my nearest seafood joint, which is tomorrow night. Lol.

Anyway, feast, fish, or fight for fantastic wins in the new and exciting Lobster Bob’s Crazy Crab Shack slot. It’s worth the dive!