It Must Be The Season Of The Bees (Slots)!

I was having a look at the new games that have come to BitStarz in the last few days, and I was pretty surprised to see all the bee-themed slots being released at the same time.

Did I miss something? Bees are generally a rare insect to see on the reels – and now they’re kinda everywhere. It’s bad enough trying not to drink them at brunch… They don’t make the best Mimosa toppings if I do say so myself.

In fact, the last time I tangoed with bees, I don’t remember it being all that fun. Hopefully this experience will be better. Let’s find out!

Money Hive: Hold ‘n’ Link Slot

NetGame has a sweet treat in store for you with this very fruity, medium volatility, brand-new spring slot. To start things off, I’ll share the whopping max win opportunity of €107,400.

Helping you fly towards wins like this are the game’s huge jackpots, Hold ‘n’ Link mechanic, Expanding Wilds, and the Pick’Em Mini Game.

My overall feeling of Money Hive: Hold ‘n’ Link slot is that it’s aaalright. There is no Buy Bonus option here, so you’ll just have to wait for the goods to get to you – and hopefully this happens quicker than a bee’s lifespan. This is like a month, but hey, you never know 😀


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Bubble Beez Slot

Cue in the fun! Bubble Beez slot is such a refreshing take on the usual video slots – because it’s turned a honeycomb into a game grid, and I think this is great. After all, there’s only so much that can be done in a world where slots games are in the plenty.

So, good job there Quickfire. Other areas that deserve praise come in the form of the Honey Prize, the trigger-happy Queen Bee, Tumble Reelz and Buzz Bombs.

This colorful game is totally action packed, and I definitely recommend checking it out. It has a medium volatility, 96.15% RTP, and a maximum win of €241,375. Sounds great, right?


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Honey Gems Slot

Playtech hasn’t been on my radar for ages if I am being honest, so I really tried to keep an open mind when testing out this game. Surprise surprise. I did not need my open mind. This game blew my mind!

The animations are fantastic (very Charlie the Unicorn), the gameplay is fun, and the features are easily accessible thanks to the Buy Bonus functionality. Of course, the Sticky Respins, Honey Queen Free Spins and many Multipliers help tons too.

The grid is also honeycomb shaped, but I don’t find this one as complicated to figure out as I did with Bubble Beez. Oh and, you can win up to €137,465 in Honey Gems slot. Take a look!


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Which bee-themed slot are you getting busy with?

All these bee-themed slots have something different to offer – but what we care about are the sweet wins, right?

If quick bonus access is your thing, then Honey Gems slot is for you. If cool bonus mechanics are what you’re after, then Money Hive: Hold ‘n’ Link slot is the go-to. And lastly, if intricate and innovative features are something you enjoy discovering, then I’d recommend you bee-line to Bubble Beez slot.

Most importantly, have fun!