Once Again Wolves Are The Villains – Play Sheep Gone Wild Slot!

Shame. Wolves have a bad rep. They’re made out to be the canine versions of Jeffrey Dahmer – and that’s super unfair. Jeepers Creepers is a saint compared to that dude.

But I guess in the world of little pigs, red-hooded kids, and blind grandmas, wolves really are the worst. And now, sheep have something to be pissed about too, in Sheep Gone Wild slot.

This farm frenzy will have you going berserk with silly sheep for big, big rewards. To the value of up to €134,000 to be precise.

It’ll be fun, I promise. Shall we head out and get sheep-snatching? I think so 🙂

Wolfie had a little lamb

He also wears a bandit mask and plays the acoustic guitar in this Red Tiger Gaming slot, and those are some nice touches, I’d say. Lol.

The other characters in this sweet game are also hysterical. The farmer looks like a chicken, the chicken looks like a feathered turd, and the cat looks suspicious as hell.

And that’s really not even scratching the surface of how cool this game is – most of the credit for that goes to its features. They’re awesome.


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Keen to Sheep Snatch

The Sheep Snatch feature basically asks you to sit back and let the wolf terrorize these poor sheep. But for great wins, that is.

In the main game, we kinda just need to let the wolf snatch the sheep in return for Win Multipliers or Wilds.

Randomly, as you spin the reels, a giant “Click the Sheep” symbol will appear, and once you go ahead and click it, your modifier bonus will be revealed.


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Get wild with Wolf Spins

The Wolf Spins are the big bonus feature of this high volatility game, and I really enjoyed them – they’re a journey.

You’ll trigger them by purchasing the bonus, or by landing 3 or more Wolf Spins Scatters on the reels. Once triggered, you’ll be taken into the “Pick the Sheep” adventure to collect your Spin Modifiers.

With 3 picks available, you can reveal Multiplier Values, Wolf Spin Values, Replacement Symbols and Wilds to go wild with.


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Might be my new fave!

Sheep Gone Wild slot is a total breath of fresh air (for me – not the sheep). The features are fantastic, and different to what I am used to seeing and playing time and time again.

I can’t think of anything this 95.72% RTP slot missed. Maybe the max bet value is a bit too low… It’s not really for big bettors, but perfect for beginners and more conservative players like me.

If that sounds like you too, then please give it a go – you might love it.