Lock and Load With the Platooners Slot and Take a Shot at Winning

Grenades, rockets and endless amounts of bullets are being blasted at the reels of the fun Platooners slot. The result? Big wins of course! In a cartoonish way, the characters are somewhat reminiscent of the ones in the cult-classic movie, Tropic Thunder. Regardless of where ELK Studios has gotten the inspiration, you will definitely be inspired to spin and win!

In the deepest of jungles (where else) is where this epic battle will take place and luckily you have some of the world’s most feared mercenaries on your side. Extremely skilled with their weapons, they don’t hesitate taking aim at the reels and shoot a couple of helpers your way or keep you safe during the bonus game. Sounds extreme? There is a €250,000 max win on the line, so not at all!

Let’s conquer these reels!

Welcome to Hollywood

A gun fight over 5 reels and 178 paylines in the middle of the jungle? You bet! These guys don’t mess around and guns or no guns, you are in for a fight to remember. As Hollywood is the master of trickery, this actually turns out to be a movie set, with a jungle screen as a backdrop.


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If you can squeeze out the max win, you will have a tasty €250,000 in your pockets and with a 96.30% RTP and a high volatility, getting there is definitely on the table, especially in Hollywood. Who knows, a great performance here may lead to something even bigger!

Time to Lock and Load

At random, Action Spins can be triggered and this is where things get cranked up a notch or maybe even two. The Platooners have their individual skills so let them do their thing while you reap the benefits.

Rockets – The green soldier is handling the rocket launcher with ease and will take aim at the reels and shoot a few symbols at them, hopefully helping you to more wins.

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Grenades – The red warrior pulls the safety pin and throws a couple of grenades, giving you random wilds on reels 4, 5 and 5, for your next spin.

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Bullets – He may not be Machine Gun Kelly but he will spray the reels and generate a nice 5 of a kind win!

Snakes of Fortune Bonus Game

Welcome to the main attraction! You need at least three of the snake symbols in order to trigger it and set yourself up with 15 free spins. Your fellow soldiers will help you take out the snake by viciously attacking it with all they have.

If you can land more than three bonus symbols before the start of the bonus game, the better your chances of winning is. You can even end up getting help from all three platooners at ones, which can make a world of difference.

Once the reptile has been defeated, you will advance to the next level, as there are three levels in total.

This Is the Game for You

If you enjoy action, this is the game for you. Bullets flying through the air, grenades and rocket launchers sound like a pretty crazy and fun time, as you are about to find out.

Take care of business and the big bucks shall be on their way to your pockets!