One Player Storms to Level 40 in Egyptian Gold in Record Time!


Egyptian Gold is the hottest BitStarz adventure quest of the year, and we were giving you a chance to win a luxury trip for 2 all the way to Cairo. The first player to reach level 40 would be the lucky player who scooped the prize, and one player has managed to climb all the way to level 40 in record breaking time!

If you’re disappointed about missing out on the trip to Cairo, we have some good news – there is still €50,000 in individual prize pools up for grabs. That’s right, each and every one of you can still win a cool €50,000 in bonuses as you steam through the levels, so make sure you carry on leveling up as fast as you can!

Taking a Look at the Strategy

Back when Egyptian Gold launched, we tested out a bunch of different strategies to find the ones that worked the best. We then wrote about them in detail so you guys could zoom through the levels and win the trip to Cairo – because we love you, duh. We’ve analyzed the winner’s technique and play style, and we’re proud to announce that he used our system. The lucky player followed our guide to the T and is exactly why he won the trip for 2 all the way to Cairo. Don’t worry though, these tips will still work for you so that you can scoop up the €50,000 in individual prize pools – how cool is that!

Don’t Give Up – We’re Rooting for You!

Just because someone already won the trip of a lifetime to Cairo doesn’t mean that you should give up. If anything, his success should drive you on to fine tune your strategy and play style so that you can boss the next adventure promotion and win the trip. As we’ve mentioned, there is still a colossal €50,000 up for grabs in individual prize pools, so keep pushing and scoop up those prizes. You would be mad to say no to €50,000!

Did Someone Say Free Bitcoin?

There’s always a silver lining, right? It might not be a trip of a lifetime to Cairo, but free Bitcoin is a pretty close second best. We’re giving away 50mBTC to 20 lucky players who complete a series of tasks. Each task counts as 1 entry into the competition and there are 9 tasks. Last time we saw more than 12,000 entries submitted, and this time we’re on track for a lot more. So, make sure your name is in the hat as many times as possible – after all, the free Bitcoin life is waiting!

The trip to Cairo has been snapped up by one savvy player who followed the blog and our top tips, but there is still plenty up for grabs. Keep spinning those reels and you can clean up the rest of the €50,000 prize pools – we’re rooting for you!

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