Online Casino Tips to Help You Play Like A Pro

We all want to win when we play at the online casino, but it’s not always the case. We all have good days and bad days, but there are tips and tricks that you can start using to help turn the tables and record more good days than bad. That’s right, we like to call it playing like a pro. We love our players more than anyone else in the world, so we’ve going to spill the beans on how to play at an online casino like a pro and walk away with a wallet thicker than Bill Gates!

Are you ready? Well, you better be. These tips are going to change your life for the better!

To Bonus or Not to Bonus

Ahh, the bonuses that you can get when depositing at an online casino. Many of these welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses come with restrictions. Usually, the bet limit with bonus money is capped. This means you can only place a max bet per round of €5. Now, this might seem fine, but if you’re using a strategy such as the Martingale, then it can hinder performance. Not to mention you have a wager requirement of that money before you can start betting usual stakes with it or even withdraw it. So, take a tip from the pros; as tempting as those bonuses can be, if you’re a serious player looking to hit the tables hard, it might be best to say “no thanks!”

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If You Have the Patience, Play Table Games

We’re not saying you’re an average casino player if you play slots. In fact, the biggest wins we’ve ever recorded here at BitStarz have come from the slots. But, if you want to really increase your bankroll and remain in control throughout, you’re actually better off playing tables. Sure, winning $2.4 million from a single hand is going to be virtually impossible, but you have a better chance of walking away in the green. Take your time to suss out the game and develop cunning strategies that help you gain an edge over the casino. One trick we particularly love takes place in Lightning Roulette. Instead of betting on the red or black button, place a stake on each of the red or black numbers. This allows you to win the multiplier and bag up to 500x your stake – that certainly beats the 1:1 payout of the red or black button!

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Quite While You’re Ahead

One thing that casinos hate more than anything is players making off with a small fortune, so play like a pro and cash out all of your winnings as fast as possible. By doing this, you won’t get tempted to play with your winnings and you will remain in the green. It’s all to easy to play with your winnings in hope of making a small fortune, but 90% of the time those winnings end up getting played back to the casino. So, play like a pro and whenever you’re in the green, withdraw the surplus back to your bank account and treat yourself to something nice!

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Now you know how to play like a pro, so don’t disappoint us. Use these epic tips to stay one step ahead of the game and record some mega wins – just cut us in on the winnings!