Only the Baddest Warriors Are Granted Access to Viking Runes Slot

Vikings were known for being absolutely ruthless and the last thing you wanted to see on the horizon was a big fleet of viking ships closing in on the coastline you live on. The stereotype of these brutal warriors is that they all had a thick beard but considering the climate they lived in, perhaps it was more for keeping warm than a fashion statement.

You will meet one of them, full beard and all, in the ferocious new Viking Runes slot. The vikings used runes as letters and as confusing as they may seem, the only runes you need to focus on are numbers, like the €200,000 max win.

Get ready for cascading reels, lightning wilds, free spins, runic shuffle, viking sorcery and the spell of ancestors features, as you hunt down wins in a viking infested winter wonderland under the stunning aurora borealis!

Slam the Warhammer

The tension rises as you spin to the beat of the drums and your faith will be decided on a massive rune-covered grid while the snowflakes fall from the sky. Just looking at the backdrop, you can tell it’s freezing cold but the Yggdrasil viking apparently feels comfortable enough, not to wear anything other than tattoos on his upper body. Kudos wild man!


Play Now

Vikings wouldn’t hesitate for one second before setting sail towards a €200,000 max win and with a very high volatility, there is a ton of cash for you to pick up. A 96.20% RTP and 25,000x multiplier will keep you laser focused on the task ahead.

Form Clusters to Win

There are 81 symbols to keep track of but don’t worry about trying to make sense out of them, unless there’s viking blood in your veins and you already know how to of course.

Vikings never cared about reels or paylines and you won’t have to either as this game is all about clusters. You need to form a connection with at least 6 symbols in order to score a win. The symbols involved will be removed and replaced by new ones, giving you a chance at consecutive wins from a single spin.

Awaken the Lightning Wilds

The core to this game are the lightning wilds and you will see them all lined up on a separate meter on the right side of the reels. With each win, one of them will shoot off to the meter and activate the wilds one by one.

After each cascading win, these wilds will find a new place on the grid to help you win.

Take on the Free Spins

At the very top of the meter is the free spin rune and when you get 5 cascading wins in a row, it will light up and be triggered. When triggered, you will head into the bonus round with 6 free spins.

Play Now

During free spins, all the wilds are already activated and will be added to your reels. Every time one of them is involved in a win, your multiplier will get an increase of +1, without any limit. Nice!

Take a Look at These Modifiers

As you can see there’s plenty of things going in order for you to be successful but vikings always want more, so to add to the mix there are 3 modifiers that can be triggered at random.

  • Runic Shuffle: will shuffle the symbols around and get you a guaranteed win
  • Spell of Ancestor: all of your low value symbols will be transformed into a higher one
  • Viking Sorcery: anywhere between 3-9 wilds will be added to your grid

Don’t Be Alarmed

Awakening your fighting spirit is not hard when you hear the loud drums so don’t be alarmed when you feel the adrenaline kick in. We love the massive grid and not being able to read the actual runes doesn’t matter as Viking Runes slot is a great game and in true viking fashion, there’s a lot of gold to take home. Go get it!