Mix Colors Like a Chemist and Create Magic in Cubes 2 Slot

Remember the Rubik’s Cube? You know, the little thing that became the world’s best selling puzzle and as many as 350 million cubes had been sold as early as 2009. Hacksaw Gaming already has the Cubes slot in its arsenal, which also became an immediate hit, and with a fresh new sequel being released, we expect the Cube 2 slot to take over the reigns as the leading cube. It’s that good!

One finger on the spin button will do just fine as you won’t have to use both your hands to twist and turn this baby. Feel free to try but know that one lucky spin is all it takes to get you the €275,000 max win. Feast your eyes on cluster pays and two types of free spins, including a multi color version as your journey towards fame and glory begins.

Let’s put this cube to the test and watch the magic happen!

A Proven Concept

No matter how you look at it, the type of cube we are referring to isn’t very big but a 5×5 grid is more than enough to do some damage. Colorblind or not, you will still be able to put clusters of colors together.

Keeping things simple and sticking to colored blocks is now proven to work like a charm and as long as it means you will be a winner, the exakt tone of each pantone is completely irrelevant.


Play Now

If there was a €275,000 max win involved with the Rubik’s Cube back in the day, it would have sold even better but as long as we can reap the benefits of it now, we are ok with that. The game has a very high volatility and a 96.33% RTP which makes things even more fun when the big wins come in. Your bet level is set at €25 while the max multiplier is 11,000x your stake.

X Marks the Multiplier Spot

You will see the corner positions showing an “X”. Should you manage to create a winning cluster that includes one or more of them, the “X” will transform and show the number of symbols involved in the winning cluster.

This will be your multiplier and added onto the final win and please keep in mind that if you have several multipliers involved, they will be added together before being applied. Nice!

Go Big or Go Home

With every win, your grid will increase as well. One cube size in every direction will first give you a 7×7 grid and should you land another consecutive win, it will keep growing until you reach the maximum size of 11×11!

As soon as you don’t get a win, your grid will reset, so keep it going.

How to Get Free Spins

When you score 5 cluster wins made up of different colors, you will trigger the free spins feature and set yourself up with 5 spins. Before you can start, several mystery cubes will show and you need to take your pick. This will decide the amount of free spins and what colors will be sticky.

Play Now

During free spins, even if you get a winless spin, the grid will not shrink which makes things even better for you. You can actually get extra wins if you can score the really big clusters.

Cluster size Win

  • 50 500x
  • 70 2,500x
  • 90 7,000x

Multi-Color Free Spins

Try to include all the corner multipliers in the same color as this will trigger the Multi-color free spins and set you up with 5-10 of them.

Once again, you get to pick from mystery cubes and the more colors you can get before finding a number the better, as all of them will be sticky.

Introducing the Buy Feature

If you have the budget for it, why not take full advantage of the buy feature and head straight to the free spins. You can even choose if you want to hit up the standard version or the multi-colored one. It will cost you 109x or 129x your bet, depending on your choice but remember the wins that are up for grabs.

You Will Have Your Hands Full

One would think a cube game would be simple and without any extra feature but the Cubes 2 slot is a ton of fun and with two variations of free spins, you will have your hands AND pockets full!