Ice Cold Wins in Keep’em Cool Slot

What do ice, a beach, and a sunburned pig have in common? If your answer was nothing, then it’s not just me. If your answer was, however, Keep’em Cool slot from Hacksaw Gaming then no spoiling it for the rest of us. This weird combination piqued my interest, and I’m sure it’ll keep you entertained for a few spins.

Grab your sunblock and a few cocktails and meet porky by the beach in this quirky new slot.

Enjoy an ice-cold win by the beach

The frozen mechanic of the slot goes hand in hand with a cascading reels feature. With the appearance of a winning combination all symbols involved in the combination will be removed allowing new symbols to replace them for another chance to win. However, if a symbol is completely or partially frozen it won’t disappear immediately. A completely frozen symbol will need to be involved in three winning combinations before it disappears while a partially frozen symbol will need to be involved in two winning combinations.


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If a cocktail glass appears on the reels on the same spin as a winning combination all instances of the winning symbol type will be refrozen to a fully frozen state. More than one symbol type can be refrozen at the same time. The number displayed on the cocktail glass refers to the number of remaining refreezes that can occur with the maximum being five.

When a blender symbol appears on the reels it will absorb all instances of one symbol. New symbols will then drop and any additional instances of the selected symbol will also be absorbed. When no additional instances of the selected symbol appear on the reels, the blender will award a cash prize equivalent to a cluster of the absorbed symbols.

Three picnic basket symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature. Before you start playing your round of free spins, the picnic baskets will open to reveal free spins amounts between three and five which are added together to determine how many free spins you have been awarded.


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During a round of free spins, there is a higher chance of landing the cocktail glass and blender symbols. If picnic basket symbols appear during a round of free spins, the number revealed will be added to your free spins total.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for the ice to melt, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature. The Keep’em Cool slot buy bonus feature offers you the chance to either buy a round of free spins outright or to activate the Bonushunt mechanic which will increase your bet amount and make it five times more likely that you’ll trigger a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

Is Keep’em Cool slot a summer classic?

The little pig character from Keep’em Cool slot is great and the cocktail-themed bonus features are unique and add a lot to the gameplay. There is, however, definitely a sense that the theme and much of the graphics are a little generic. I feel like I’ve seen this exact slot many times before. That being said, the slot is great. I just wish the graphics were a bit fresher.

The slot has medium volatility giving it a nice balance between consistent small wins and less frequent big wins. If you’re aiming for the luxury package you’re going to need to bet at €50 a spin to play for the €250,000 max win. If you’re happy in economy, however, then you’ll still be able to afford a few cocktails at the beach thanks to the 5,000x max multiplier. The slot has an RTP of 96.19%.

If you’re looking for a few other hot slots from Hacksaw Gaming, I recommend giving the quirky Book of Time or the creepy Hand of Anubis a try.