Perfect your mobile slots gameplay with BitStarz

Hey slot-spinners, if you’re new to the online casino scene and want to make the most of the virtual casino experience offered on mobile devices, then BitStarz expert guide on How to Play Mobile Slots will be your gateway to on-the-go slot stardom!

It’s no secret that slots call the shots when it comes to casino games. These video games are loved for so many reasons – their intrigue, their variety, their wins, and their excitement are only a few examples of why slot games are the casino A-listers. At first, slot punters headed to physical casinos to relish in all the pleasures these machines offered, but with the advent of the glorious World Wide Web, online casinos took off and landed right in our laps.

And just when we thought the coolest thing since sliced bread had already happened, the gambling industry gave us mobile slots – woohoo! This made total sense since we’re all unhealthily attached to our smart devices anyway.

Mobile slots are pretty much little clones of online slots, but not all online casinos have joined the slots mobile games revolution. You may stumble across flash games that won’t work on your iPad for instance, or may not have a smaller screen functionality. But don’t fret, we’ll get all the information you need about mobile slots under your belt in no time.

Hop on board mobile slot spinners, because we’re letting you in on the scoop!

What are Mobile Slots?

To kick things off, we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on what mobile casino slot games are and how they differ from the regular online slot games we know and love. The first thing to explore is the difference between your mobile devices, and your desktop devices. Millennials should have no trouble here, but we know a lot of Gen X folks could use this extra boost of information so that they can play mobile slots– like never before.


Mobile devices are your smartphones and tablets, while desktop devices are your computers and laptops. Most of you are familiar with regular online slots, those spun on your computers or laptops, but the new kids on the block are slots for mobile, played from your smartphones and tablets. It’s important to remember that both these slot variants fall under ‘online slots’ because effectively, both require an internet connection in order to play, that is if you’re looking to play mobile slots for real money, that is.

With this in mind, mobile slots are exactly the same as online casino slots that you play on your laptop. The only difference is that you can play mobile slots while you’re out and about, without having to lug your computer around. It is just another convenient option provided to us by online casinos to make our slot experience all that more gratifying.

In order to be able to play mobile slots games from reputable online casinos, you must have a mobile phone or tablet that can connect to the internet, access web browsers, and/or download apps, but we’re in the digital age so we’re confident you have what you need to get spinning wherever and whenever.

Why are mobile slots so popular?

Playing slots on mobile devices has become so popular and this is thanks to our detachment issues with our smartphones and tablets. Nowadays people fast from their phones… not from food, from their phones! Seriously, do people need an occasion to put their phones away for one day? We even now have a ‘screen time’ monitor that tracks our social activity on our phones, like thanks, we really wanted to see we spent 3 hours scrolling through Twitter when we should be asleep.

So there we have it folks, slot games online for mobile are always accessible, as long as we have our phones attached to our hands – which we do. In this wonderful digital age casino games with real rewards are just a fingerprint away. And casino game apps to win real money are yours with a double-tap!

The mobile industry is buzzing, and so is the mobile gaming industry, and with the help of excellent software and hardware, players are able to play mobile slots that are of exceptional quality. According to our research, of all the online slot players, 51% of them are mobile slot players who together spend over €54 billion each year.

We’ve got to give credit where credit is due, playing mobile slots online and on the go is actually incredibly secure. We aren’t dissing desktop versions, but the latter doesn’t offer Touch ID as a protected sign-in option. When you choose to gain access to your online casino of choice with your fingerprints, the standard security procedure is replaced by this one – it doesn’t get more secure than this – fingerprint cloning isn’t really a thing so you’re at your safest.

Innovation is another cool reason that people gravitate to mobile slots. Mobile game developers are constantly rolling out new and exciting features that make your gaming experience all that more interactive and fun. When you play mobile slots you can get swept away in the journey! Just enjoy the ride, because that’s what life is all about.

Where can mobile slots be played?

If you’re keen on getting your game on at casinos where mobile slots win real money, then it’s best you know where you can go to do just that! There are many slot apps with real rewards that you can turn to, including many a real money slot app for iPhone, and many a real money slot app for android.

Here, you’ll need to identify a reputable online casino that you’d like to play with, and see if it offers a casino slots app, or a real money slots app if you’d like to be more specific.

We are die-hard BitStarz fans, so we unfortunately won’t be able to tell you what the best gambling apps are, because you’re looking at it! BitStarz doesn’t have a mobile slots app per se, because it has perfected its mobile version to the tee that there is actually no need for a slots games app here.


In many cases slot machine apps are overrated because mobile optimized casino platforms do the trick for most people. But, we can’t overshadow the need for a casino games app if that’s how you’d prefer to play mobile slots. Looking for the best slot app for Android or iPhone is as simple as doing a Google search and reading reviews from other users, but it is probable that all the top gambling apps are accessible for both interfaces.

These app stores are bustling with slot machine apps with real rewards, so finding your next mobile slot destination should be a joy!

What kinds of mobile slots are there?

Oh well now we’re opening up Pandora’s Box players, because there are thousands upon thousands of mobile slot games ready and waiting to be discovered. But don’t stress out… we’ll cover the basics. The flurry of mobile slots out there all fall under one of three online mobile slots categories; Classic Slots, Video Slots, and Progressive Slots.

· Classic Slots

Classic slots are the more traditional ones, you know, the ones with the Cherries, Bars, Bells, and Lucky 7s? These 3-reel slots offer fewer paylines and have minimalist features, but don’t write them off just yet because these games are super popular amongst mobile slots casino players. They’re uncomplicated… All that is required is for you to place your bet, pull the virtual level, and voila, you’re a classic slot champion in two easy steps. Classics stand the test of time, and the same sentiment goes for classic slots – these guys were here first, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!


· Video Slots

If you’re more of an action hero, then video slots are right up your alley. These mobile slot games will take you on a money-winning adventure, because they pack all the punches when it comes to story-telling, animation, features, and entertainment. These slots come based on specific themes, and appeal to players with the most unique of interests too. All those Ancient Egypt games, the Fairytales and Westerns… those are video slots. These games up the ante with their bonus features made up of Multipliers, Free Spins, Mystery Rounds, Risk Games, and Buy Bonuses.


· Progressive Slots

Last, but certainly not least are the progressive slots. These are the best mobile slots to win with, because they are millionaire-makers. Progressive slots are jackpot slots and they come with massive amounts of moolah to win. Their jackpots keep growing and growing until one exceptionally lucky player strikes it rich. We have seen a progressive slot player walk away with a whopping €20 million jackpot win from our Mega Moolah slot – which is a progressive slot at its finest.


So, after identifying which mobile slot category floats your boat, there will be no need to sail far to play mobile slots, because BitStarz has them all!

What kinds of mobile slots bonuses are there?

When playing mobile slot machines, the biggest perks are without a question, are the bonuses! Before online casinos emerged, the casino industry had less competition to trump, but with online casinos growing ever more popular, the race to be the best is always on. That’s the catch. The best has to offer the best, right? This is where you get lucky, because there’s a world of eager casinos looking to reel you in with their brilliant bonuses – giving you more chances to hit it big with on mobile phone slots.

With the award-winning BitStarz casino, the bonuses speak for themselves. You’ll be awarded with €200 and 180 Free Spins to play mobile slots games with, all for a €100 deposit! Over and above this, BitStarz players, be them mobile casino slots players or desktop casino slots players, will be showered with endless bonuses throughout their journey with this unparalleled casino.


Like BitStarz, other casinos may offer mobile online slots bonuses that range from Free Spins, and No Deposit Bonuses, to Match Bonuses and everything in between. All of these sweeteners will give you more bang for your buck, and the opportunity to play mobile slots for longer, while spinning your way to successful wins.

For the newbies, Free Spins bonuses are free credits that you can use to play on mobile slots games, one that is usually picked by the casino. A No Deposit Bonus, is a bonus given to players that have registered with a casino, but does not require a deposit to be made in turn. The Deposit Bonus on the other hand, does require a deposit to be made into your casino account for the freebies to roll in.

Match Bonuses are when bonuses are matched to a percentage of your deposit amount. So, if you deposit €100 into your account, like in the BitStarz mobile slots Welcome Bonus, you’ll likely be given the same amount for free, to play with. Throwing Free Spins into the Match Bonus mix is just an awesome gesture on the part of BitStarz!

The more deposits you make with mobile casinos, the more generous the mobile casino online bonuses become. This is a way for casinos to thank you for your loyalty and patronage!

To round up the mobile slot bonuses, during your mobile slot journey, you will likely come across VIP Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Cashback Bonuses, High Roller Bonuses and Free Play Bonuses to name a few – if you choose the right casino, that is. The fun is limitless with mobile slots bonuses.

Are there mobile slots you can play for free?

If the question “are there free slot games for my phone so that I can enjoy free casino games for fun?” is on your lips then we have good news. There sure are a few ways players can engage free mobile slots on their phones. We know that sometimes when the loot runs low, the only way forward is to spin for free, sometimes to play mobile slots for fun, and sometimes to play for mobile slots real money wins.

For avid online casino goers, you all know the value of the Free Games bonuses – and with this delicious feature from online casinos, you can enjoy mobile slot free spins without using or losing your cash.

Another way that mobile slots sites allow you to play mobile slots free, is through free slot apps. Head to your App Store, or Play Store and search for casinos that one; offer an app download at no charge, with no in-app purchases, and two; one that offers free gameplay with no strings attached. There are also plenty of free online slots for iPad too.


At BitStarz for instance, you can play free 5 reels slot machine games, and a host of others, by choosing the ‘Play For Fun’ option when launching the slot of your choice. This will allow you to play the game, as it is, for free and for fun! This is also cool because should you wish to simply try out a game before going into it full throttle, you can.

Many people play mobile slots for free because they simply enjoy the thrill. But, we do want to impart you with advice on choosing the right platform to trust because there are many scams out there. Be sure to do your homework before getting yourself into any binds. Stick with reputable companies, stick with BitStarz – that’s our two-cents.

What is the difference between online slots and mobile slots?

Believe it or not, there isn’t much of a difference between these two slot variants. The only tell-tale sign of distinction here, is that mobile slots are played from smartphones and tablets. The level of convenience here is also different.

What if you’re in the middle of a winning streak and your electricity cuts out (a daily occurrence for our South African players thanks to the ‘loadshedding’ phenomenon), or if you have to rush off to your next meeting that is a couple of stations away? It would be such a shame to end your game… That’s why there is so much celebration around and on mobile slots, these guys go with you and your game continues.

Online slots, those played off desktop devices do have the advantage of a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard. This makes for a more immersive slots mobile games environment. And these keys help if your fingers struggle on your phone’s small keys. But as they say, you can’t have it all.

Interestingly the pay-out percentages on both online slots and mobile slots are pretty much the same if you are playing the same slot, from the same game provider. The stake levels are also just as variable as each other on either versions.

So, after all is said and done, whether to play mobile slots or online desktop slots boils down to choice. They both have their unique selling points and you can’t go wrong with either!

You are ready for the Mobile Slots stage

In completing our guide on How To Play Mobile Slots, we can see just why this craze is so popular. Mobile slots have presented players far and wide, with a whole new take on the casino experience, and we bet as technology continues to innovate, so too will slot games. BitStarz keeps ahead of the curve, and knows just how adored on-the-go games are, and has completely redesigned its entire mobile platform for the enjoyment of all our players.

We pay equal attention to detail when it comes to our online slots, and our mobile slots because we believe that being a world-class casino means delivering a world-class experience to our players, whoever they are, wherever they are, or however they choose to play slots.

With mobile slots, win real money games on win real money apps makes things so much more fluid for everyone. Our phones go where we go, so why shouldn’t your favorite casinos go along too?

The world of mobile slots is vast, new players can play their preferred games with ease, while more experienced players can enjoy the slots that require more skill – and don’t forget about the incredible mobile slot bonuses that are available too.

So now that you know everything there is to know about mobile slots, we look forward to seeing you show off your mobile slot champion skills!