Pick Up Crazy Hot Wins in 9 Masks of Fire Slot!

Did you know that a bonfire can burn at up to 1,100 degrees Celsius if it’s built correctly? That’s hot enough to melt some of the toughest metals, all from one garden fire. So, imagine how hot the fire can get in one of the most action-packed slots of the year!

It’s time to get the hoses on standby as we dive into the hottest game we’ve ever seen. Featuring a handy set of masks that will shield you from the flames, 9 Masks of Fire slot is going all out to keep you as safe as possible from the flames. In fact, it’s keeping you so safe, collecting masks will let you scoop up the legendary win that lives within the game!

Ready to start a fire? We certainly are!

Masks Are Your Key to Victory!

If you’ve ever seen a firefighter dashing into a blaze, you’ll notice their mask and breathing apparatus that will keep them safe, so it’s only right that you should don the same gear if you’re charging into these hot reels. 9 Masks of Fire will give you masks to use as you’re spinning the reels, helping you pick up a mega win worth €60,000 from each and every spin. You’ll need to collect 9 Masks of Fire to trigger this big win, but it’s a relatively easy task given that there are 5 reels with 20 paylines. That €60,000 is a pretty sweet deal given that 9 Masks of Fire has an RTP of 96.24%.

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Free Spins is on Fire!

Who doesn’t love a good free spins mode, right? Free spins is often the difference between a mega win and a regular old boring win, so do try your best to trigger free spins to get the full 9 Masks of Fire experience. Landing three surfboard free spin symbols on the reels will trigger up to 30 free spins, giving you a lot of spins to try and bag those Masks of Fire for the €60,000 win. You can’t trigger free spins again, so you’ll have to head back to the base game if you want to get your hands on more free spins.

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9 Masks of Fire is blazing hot and ready to pay out a small fortune to those of you brave enough to head into the flames and collect the 9 Masks of Fire. You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your bravery, so don’t be afraid to charge towards the fire!

Good luck!