Take a Bite Out of Magic Apple: Hold and Win Slot

Magic Apple: Hold and Win slot is one of my favorites, but lately, we’ve developed a love-hate relationship. I’ll dish the deets on our quarrel a little later.

This fairy-tale slot joins a long list of Snow White-inspired games; seriously, there are so many around right now. Since providers can’t use the official name of this Disney story, you’ll find elusive ‘Apple’ and ‘Snow Wild’ titles floating around the slot universe. But I see you, providers… I see you. If you’re going to recreate a celebrated childhood phenomenon, the Booongo approach is one to follow – with the exceptional execution of every single element.

It seems Booongo is the Snow White specialists because they’ve got an entire series of this poisoned apple-eater in their game portfolio, with Magic Apple: Hold and Win being their latest addition.

It’s all about the apples

Juicy red apples, full of poison, I assume, have always been a feature in Booongo’s Snow White series. Magic Apple: Hold and Win slot, however, takes the crown because this one is literally all about the apples.

In the first installment, Poisoned Apple slot, there are actually no apples to be found apart from in the title. In the second installment, Poisoned Apple 2 slot, the apples start to shine as the Scatters.

But, in Magic Apple: Hold and Win slot, the apples quite simply become the apple of our eyes because they’re the big money makers and are what stand between you and progressive jackpot wins.


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Is the Hold and Win a friend or foe?

So with all this positivity, why am I feeling poisoned by this Hold and Win slot? Well, that’s precisely it… it’s the Hold and Win mechanic that got me feuding with one of my favorites.

This is one of my go-to games, always. But, what’s started to happen is that I’ve become all-consumed by collecting those 6 Apples to enter the Bonus Game where you’re tasked with filling your screen with Apple symbols. These symbols have coin values and jackpot levels attached to them, so naturally, all I want to do is spin my way through the bonus game for wins of up to €85,000.

So, what’s the problem you may ask? The problem is that this medium volatility slot doesn’t just hand out a bunch of 6 apples – you gotta WORK! And while I’m all for working to fill my picking basket, I’m losing loot in the interim.


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Don’t forget the Free Spins

When I play Magic Apple: Hold and Win slot, I’ve got blinkers on for the Bonus and completely lose sight of the other excellent features this slot has to offer, like Wilds and Free Spins.

As a seasoned slot spinner, all features are a favor, but when you’ve got a Hold and Win mechanic dangling in front of you, you can’t help but take a bite out of the carrot. I want to see red… All over my screen! The Free Spins have unfortunately become the side-show.


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Less tragic, more magic!

Magic Apple: Hold and Win slot, in all its gorgeous glory, should really be called Magic Apple: Hold Out for the Wins slot because that is what you’ll likely find yourself doing – holding out until you hit the hot spot.

And this is why I love to hate and hate to love this slot. The Hold and Win mechanic is so appealing, and it has a slots pro like me biting poisoned apples and losing my money just for the banging bonus round.

Once you’ve experienced it, you can’t get enough of it. So, if you’ve got your focus on fortune, then hold out for the win – this slot can and does deliver… but expect a few gray hairs and losses along the way.