Plot a Course for Wins in Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win Slot

On the one hand, pirates sailed the world, got rich, and lived like there was no tomorrow. However, on the other hand, they lived like there was no tomorrow because usually, there wasn’t one. If a cannonball didn’t take off your head, you were just as likely to die from a splinter that got infected, which we can all agree is a pretty terrible way to go.

Enjoy the pirate’s life without the peril of losing a leg to gangrene with Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot from iSoftBet.

How’s the view from the poop deck?

I love a good pirate-themed slot. I’m not sure if it’s a longing for the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean or just a fondness for the idea of living the life of a swashbuckling outlaw. Regardless of the reason, if you release a pirate-themed slot, I’ll be there to play it!


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So, is Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot any good? I’ll say this upfront, the graphics are beautiful! The pirate ship swaying in stormy seas in the backdrop is a particular favorite of mine. It’s ominous and foreboding – basically everything I’m looking for in a pirate adventure. And then there’s the pirate holding a grenade-type contraption. Why a grenade? Well, that’ll be revealed in the next section. The pirate has a beautiful beard and a nice big captain’s hat. It’s great!

It’s time to plunder some loot!

It’s nice to look at, but does it have a pirate’s plundering worth of bonus features to boot? Yes, yes, it does. Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot has a really nice array of bonus features that’ll boost your takings.

During the base game, that pirate with the beautiful beard will randomly throw explosive modifiers onto the reels. These modifiers can have one of three effects. They can add between three and seven wilds, upgrade low-paying symbols to high-paying symbols, or add one to three golds coins.


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To trigger the hold and win feature, you’ll need to grab five or more gold coins. Once you do, like any hold and win feature, those coins will be locked in place. The reels will then spin, giving you the chance to add additional gold coins (each with a random cash prize) to the reels. If you go three spins without adding a gold coin, the round will end. That’s a standard hold and win feature. Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot, however, has put a twist on the traditional.

In addition to gold coins, you’ll also have a chance to grab silver, pink, blue and green coins, each of which has its own special feature.

  • Silver – awards the sum of the values of the gold coins currently on the reels
  • Green – gives a multiplier boost to any gold coin within a 3×3 block of the coin
  • Blue – unlocks an additional row of the slot. You can unlock a maximum of three additional rows
  • Purple – awards the sum of the values of the gold and silver coins currently on the reels

With the combination of the special coins and the chance to expand the reels, there really are a lot of ways to win big with Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot.

Should you set sail for Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot?

If you’re short on time, the answer is yes. Gone now and enjoy winning on the seven seas.

Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot is a great example of a pirate-themed slot. The graphics are great, the bonuses are not only interesting and plentiful but integrated with the theme really nicely. There is, however, a small wrinkle when we look at the numbers.

At first, nothing looks out of place. A €176,000 max win, medium volatility, and a 96% RTP rating all sound great. It’s not life-changing, but it’s passable. Then, you get to the max bet. €200?! That’s right, the slot only has a max multiplier of 880x, and that’s why it needs that massive max bet amount to get anywhere near an attractive max win amount.

So, if you’re looking for big wins, this one isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for a few hours of swashbuckling entertainment, then Plunderin’ Pirates: Hold & Win slot is a great option!

If the pirate’s life is not yet done with you, I recommend setting sail for Book of Skulls and Skulls Up!