Experiment With MEGA Wins in Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Slot!

We have an early treat for all our Canadian players and for the rest of you, this exciting surprise will be released in other countries on January 13. But for now, here’s a little sneak-peek at what to expect from this captivating new release – we just couldn’t contain our excitement any longer!

We hope you’ve mentally prepared yourself to meet Doc Wildshock. He’s uh… how do we say it? Slightly eccentric? A little bizarre? No. That’s not quite what we’re looking for so let’s just say it – he’s INSANE!

But he has come up with a new formula for winning big and he’s ready to reveal his secret in the new Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab slot so there is certainly a method behind his madness. His lab of loot has come alive with high-voltage wins and it’s time to gear up and trap them on the reels.

Doc has a few tricks up his lab coat to help you score so let’s step into his workshop of wonders and discover the science behind big wins in this outrageous slot from Quickfire Games.

Flip the switch to strike it rich

Welcome to the Doc’s mad loot lab, but be careful of what you touch as his freakish experiments are running around wild. There’s even a frog spliced with a rat and a brain in a tank that hops up and down before you spin the reels – creepy!

The game is played on a 5×5 reel grid and winning combinations are formed by landing at least 3 identical symbols arranged horizontally or vertically anywhere on the reels. Each time a winning combo forms, it will disappear from the reels and new symbols will drop in to fill the empty spaces.

The symbols are made up of a few of the Doc’s crazy experiments and you can clearly see that this guy has a screw or two loose, or perhaps no screws at all.


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You’ll notice 2 types of high-voltage Wild symbols on the reels and both will substitute for all other symbols in the game. The yellow ones are regular Wilds and the red Wilds are the exploding kind, you know, the ones that go BOOM!

The exploding Wilds can blow up when they substitute in a winning combo and add up 4 additional Wilds for the next roll when new symbols drop in. But there’s more to these Wilds than meets the eye. Each time a Wild substitutes for a win, the Wild’s multiplier will increase by 1x in the next roll for a shocking payout.

Collect the Wilds for electrifying free spins

To trigger the free spins bonus round you’ll need to collect Wild symbols and fill the meter to the left of the reels. With each spin in the base game, a random number of Wilds will appear in the meter to indicate how many of these symbols need to be collected in the very same spin to trigger the feature.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary Wilds the free spins bonus will be triggered and you’ll move further into the Doc’s loot lab for an electrifying bonus round with 10 free spins.


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During the free spins, the exploding Wilds and regular Wilds will perform the same money-making features as they do in the base game. And considering that each spin is free and you’ve got the multipliers increasing after every Wild win, you can certainly take advantage of the 96.26% RTP and electrocute the reels for a possible 25,000x multiplier win.

More free spins = more free wins!

You can also trigger 3 additional free spins by collecting more Wild symbols during the free spins bonus game. The collection meter in the bonus will require up to 6 Wilds for the retrigger, opposed to the maximum of 8 in the base game.


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This means that you can keep the spins rolling in and rake in the riches for free as long as those Wilds keep electrocuting the reels. And remember, this is a high volatility slot so a colossal win might just take you by surprise so keep performing those experiments with Doc and you might just make a breakthrough.

Get experi-MENTAL for the wins today!

As bizarre as Dr Wildschock Mad Loot Lab slot may seem, the payouts are even more outrageous. This slot has a staggering €250,000 max win waiting to be discovered so slip into your lab coat, pop on your goggles and get ready to experiment with bigger wins today!

Remember that this game is only available to Canadian players for now. To all other players, keep your eye on our blog for the full release coming January 13. Exciting stuff!