Spin the reels for underworld wins in Mythic Maiden slot

There are a lot of Dirty Johns and Janes with skeletons in their closets out there. The good news is you don’t have to wait for years for the true colors of your so-called lover to be discovered – Mythic Maiden slot gives us a hint on how we can find the truth out early on… just take a peek in their attic!

Look out for the red flags. If there are ancient torture devices, devilish creepy crawlies, and underworld relics up there, then sorry friend… you may have landed yourself a no-no. But if you’re also into that dark tourist stuff then great, you two can share the storage space.

The reels are packed with terrifying trinkets

NetEnt is no amateur when it comes to horror slots – just looking at their Wolf’s Night slot and Blood Suckers slot you’ll know just what you’re in for. The same does not apply for the Mythic Maiden slot. We thought we were heading down a road with a majestic young lady, but no, we’re in an attic with floating orbs and black market trinkets.


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The relics on these reels are of an ape’s skull, a shrunken head, a gothic tarantula, a red chest of secrets, and a zombified green book. Along with these strange collectibles, you’ll find melting candles in the shapes of 10, J, Q, K, and Ace – you won’t find these on eBay!

The Scatter is of two circling orbs – chilling. And the Wild is a full moon that projects a human skull from it.

Do you dare to win with the iron maiden?

We’re not referring to the heavy metal band, we’re talking about the spike-covered torture device that awaits you in the free spins round. The iron maiden in Mythic Maiden slot looks like she’s hung up her tormenting gloves thank goodness, because now she’s giving away gifts.


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Landing 3 or more Scatters will grant you up to 30 free spins, depending on the number of Scatters that appear. In this bonus round, the iron maiden is open and can reveal a multiplier of up to x10, or up to 2 additional free spins after a single spin is completed.

Very generous, but very eerie. She’s just not something we will get used to anytime soon… Hell, bodies used to go in there to get impaled!


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Mysterious collectibles could be worth thousands!

We’re definitely not asking you to go out and purchase a 100-year old ouija board and decorate your house with spiders. Earning thousands is way simpler than that! Playing Mythic Maiden slot can have you winning up to €60,000 without all the haunting and judgement.

This modern and well-executed slot game has a 96.58% RTP and low volatility, making it beginner-friendly. It is also a lesson on who to date and how to find out whether or not they have bizarre hobbies.

Don’t forget about those red flags, you may land up with a shrunken skull of your own as a V-day gift.