Maxed Out Realism in Snake’s Gold Dream Drop Slot

Snakes have been a part of mythology throughout the world. The Egyptians had myths about serpents, and did the Vikings, Mayans, Incas, Olmec, and the Aztecs, to name just a few. This probably has something to do with the fact that snakes are found on every continent on Earth except for Antarctica. So, there’s no conspiracy theory here. Just an abundance of the slithering serpents.

Visiting ancient Central America and win with an unidentified culture in Snake’s Gold Dream Drop slot from Relax Gaming.

The mystery begins

Snake’s Gold Dream Drop slot offers 10 paylines across five reels. The slot features one very-high-paying symbol, two high-paying symbols, four medium-paying symbols, and four low-paying symbols. The slot also features a stacked wild, bonus, and gold coin symbol.


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Above each reel of the slot is a magic serpent. If a gold coin appears on the reels, one of the eyes of the snake above the reel on which the coin appeared will begin to glow. If a second coin then lands on the same reel, the second eye will start glowing, and the magic will begin. When this happens, the entire reel will be transformed into a stacked wild for a total of two spins. The feature will then be reset.

A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with three, four, or five bonus symbols awarding seven, twelve, and sixteen free spins, respectively. During a round of free spins, an additional spin will be awarded for each stacked wild that is activated. Stacked wilds will also become sticky as soon as they appear, remaining on the reels until the end of your round of free spins.


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The slot’s jackpot spin can be triggered randomly on any spin. Once it is, you’ll need to get five DD symbols to trigger a round of the Dream Drop Bonus game. If you manage it, you’ll get a shot at the rapid, midi, maxi, major, and mega jackpot amounts.

Is Snakes’s Gold Dream Drop slot worth its weight in gold?

Snakes’s Gold Dream Drop slot has a maximum win amount of €125,000 when betting at the €25 per spin maximum bet. The minimum bet amount is €0.40, which is higher than a significant percentage of other slots. The slot has high volatility, which means you’ll be unable to count on small, consistent wins as you chase the rare big wins. The slot’s RTP is 94%.

This slot changed my perception of what kind of slots I want to play in the future. It also made me question why we get so few of these hyperrealistic takes on themes. The graphics are fantastic, the bonus features are plentiful, and the overall experience is fantastic. I give this one a nine out of ten.

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