Reach for the Stars and Win Big in Magic Stars 3 Slot!


Stars are pretty magical, giant balls of gas and nuclear fusion floating around in space billions of lightyears away, yet we can still see them twinkling every time the sun sets. Nobody has ever gone to see the stars, with the Moon being the furthest anyone has ever been away from Earth.

Now it’s your chance to reach for the stars and head on an intergalactic trip in search of new life, big wins and sparkly stars in Magic Stars 3 Slot.

Interstellar Wins up For Grabs

The wins up for grabs in Magic Stars 3 are nothing short of incredible, and we know you’re going to love them. If it’s your lucky day, you can back a colossal 4,000 coins from a single payline. There are 5 paylines available, meaning from a single spin you can potentially win an awful lot of cash. If that isn’t enough for you, there is a fun gamble feature that lets you pick the color of the card up to 7 times to double your winnings – giving you a truly bumper haul. Suddenly the potential of 4,000 per payline is looking rather sweet.

Pick Your Own Volatility

One of the best features about Magic Stars 3 is the choice to change up the volatility. A lot of games lock you in to one set volatility, meaning you might not enjoy the games with the fun artworks. Magic Stars 3 lets you toggle between low, standard and high volatility, giving you the power to play the game on your own terms. If you go for low volatility, the wins will be more frequent, but they will be smaller. On the other hand, if you crank it up to max, you will see less wins, but when you do win it will be out of this world!

A Nice Simple Game

Too many games out there are over complicated, packed with fancy features. Magic Stars 3 takes life back to basics and gives you a straight up slot where you spin the reels and win – that’s it. Magic Stars 3 is the perfect slot for beginners or people who don’t feel like an overly complicated game to play – ideal for after a long day at work. Ultra-lite mode means you can play on your mobile without fears of gobbling up your data allowance for the month.

Magic Stars 3 takes you on a fun, relaxed and bountiful journey through the stars, so hop onboard and spin the reels – you’re going to have a lot of fun!

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